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Height: 10'

Weight: 800 lbs (363 kg)

Eyes: Red

Hair: Brown

Unusual Features: No unusual features


Known Powers: Flight, superhuman strength. Can unleash a beam of energy that only the purest of souls can withstand without being scorched. Also has sonic scream ability.

Known Abilities: No known abilities.

Strength Level: Strength level unknown

John Stewart

John Stewart’s ring provides him with the abilities of all other Green Lanterns. These abilities include flight and limited invulnerablility. As with all other Green Lanterns, the ring is a weapon of the mind and powered by will, therefore only limited to the wearer’s imagination. Like all Green Lanterns, Stewart's personality affects his ring's creations, giving them a solid, architectural quality. In Green Lantern: Rebirth, Hal Jordan remarks that "everything John builds is solid". Hal has also remarked that Stewart is the best flyer in the Corps. In Green Lantern 26 it was shown that John's willpower exceeds the limit of his ring (when he tried to recreate a planet from scratch), a feat that has not been discussed before which remains to be seen how this will play upon events in the future.

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Going on the power levels Asmodel displayed in his various Justice League appearances, I will actually vote him in for the win (in his angelic form).

He displayed strength as great or perhaps even greater than Superman (in his energy form), resisted attacks from the leagues most powerful memebers, reality warping abilities (allowing control over matter and energy) and telepathy. That's before we get to his super speed and weapons.

So overall Asmodel for the win.

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Asmodel wins it