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prue,piper, phoebe,paige,billie jenkins vs sylar,peter petrelli (only copy one at a time, copies sylar's powers),claire bennett(has a hand gun with lot of bullets),elle bishop and tracy strauss

Round 1: random encounter. who wins. spells and potions are not allowed

Round 2: one day prep. potions are allowed but no spell

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sorry sylar and peter petrellie pic suppose tobe here but the damn thing giving trouble
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c'mon peeps

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I can't tell if this is a serious thread or not...

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Piper stops them and then make them explode

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i dont know anything about charmed but seeing as they are pretty powerful witches i would give it to him. now if everyone in heroes was at the height of their power it may be a different story.

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Charmed in both rounds.

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If Petrelli had time and space manipulation, they'd get rekt.

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morals on heroes stomp

morals off witches stomp

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oh and sorry but Claire is practically useless, I don't know much about charmed, except that they are witches, they could make her handgun dissolve or something, a better person to replace Claire would be either Ted(induced radioactivity), Eric Doyle(Puppatree or whatever) or Sullivan(the guy that could manipulate Earth).