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  • 616 Standart versions for Fallen One and Firelord.
  • Stardust with her second physical form.
  • Morg without waters of life amp.


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  • 616 Standart versions for Blue Marvel and Gladiator.
  • Hyperion is composite which includes feats from his every incarnation.
  • Sentry doesn't have access to Void's power.

Battle Stipulations

  • Fighters are in character.
  • Random Encounter, No Prep time, Basic Knowledge.
  • Win by death & knock out.
  • Versions are stated above.
  • Starting 250 feet apart.
  • They're fighting on indestructible Saturn sized planet.
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Besides sentry no one can harm stardust imo

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Team 1 in a good fight.

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Toss coin.