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Fight takes place on Tatooine inside the Mos Eisley Cantina

Hellbat Batman gets 24 hours prep.

Thanos gets no prep

Thanos does NOT have any buffs (IG, Cosmic Cube, etc)

Thanos is sitting down having some juri juice, minding his own business when Batman comes in, fully armoured and punches him straight in the face...

Who wins?

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Thanos wins.

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Thanos murders Brucie boy.

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The Bat gets one win per million when Thanos died laughing. Thanos stomps in the rest.

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Spite hellbat can't even beat naruto

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Definitely Thanos Bruce even made it clear that he could only hold Darkseid off.

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Thanos beat overrated hellbat.

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Thanos one shot with a finger. New 52 Darkseid's strength feats are not coming close to the ones Thanos preformed.

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@rubear: Lol Batman loses to Thanos and to the NYPD.

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Thanos easily , dont you like batman or something?