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The fight takes place in Themyscira.

No prep. Morals: In character.

Win by Death. Both are in their prime.

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ummm I haven't seen hela do much outside her realm. on paper hela would win but she lacks to feats to prove otherwise

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Circe wins this and is better looking

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Hela can mix it up physically with Thor. Can Circe do that?

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I want to say Hela, her being an Asgardian and a pretty important one at that. However, I think I've actually seen Circe do more important things, so I'll go with her.

I don't know much about Circe post-flashpoint, but pre-New 52 she was a Titan so her physicals aren't exactly low.

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Isn't Circe vulnerable to Holly?

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Nice match. I'm curious who'd win, myself.

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Circe wins this

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Lol Circe isn't beating Hela, she good but not that good. Far better physically, and durability wise. Has powerful near auto shields, can kill with a touch. Summon her minions if needed. Her minions include the Midgard serpent, and star eating Fenris the wolf who is slated to kill Odin. Hela can literally counter pretty much everything Circe throws at her. It won't be easy but Hela takes this.

Also win by death?? Hela IS Death

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Hela... isn't she a goddess of death?

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Hela. Ouch beat down.

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Hela is more powerful.

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Circe has done far more high end magical feats than what Hela has done. Circle also possess far powerful physical strength, durability, stamina, healing factor, speed, and fighting prowess than what Hela has shown. Hela does have an unlimited amount of Asgardian energies to draw from but only if she remains in that dimension, otherwise, Circe smokes her in the magical department. Her resurrection is incredible too! Hela's most powerful attack would be her deadly death touch, which renders everything she touches dead whether immortal or mortal.

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Circe could quite literally speedblitz.

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Circe is hotter

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hela wins easily with a touch or deathblast

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going with circe

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Still Circe outside of Hela's realm.