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Apologies if this has been done before.

Shaman Nate Grey. Not a physical battle (Obvious reasons), but a battle using TK and TP only. Who wins?

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Nate stomps a couple H'el at once

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Nate TPs

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Nate outclasses.

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Nate's psychic powers are rarely to be matched. Definitely Nate.

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Nate stomps.

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Nate freezes time and gives H'el a major weggy and an indian burn.

When he unfreezes time he plays the "stop hitting yourself" game with H'el using tk. H'el dies of embarrassment.

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Nate drops him with TP.

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Nate lel stomps... even if this was just a straight fight H'el would never beat nate.

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Nate Grey

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Nate just flattened an entire X-Men team that included Storm, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Iceman, without even breaking a sweat. He captured and contained Apocalypse, then went mind to mind with freaking Legion and crushed him. Legion lasted about five seconds. H'el, optimistically, would last about four.

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Nate. Not even close.

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Nate stomps hard

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@omriamar: what we're you thinking voting for H'el?

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Nate demolishes.