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Ares or Hancock.

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@rbt said:

Ares or Hancock.

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This would actually make a damn good battle. I think Hancock would be a real sleeper. Have to go with Ares or him

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1 of these is not like the others.

Hancock stomps

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I’m leaning towards Hancock

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Ares or Hancock. Ares has the clear versatility advantage, but I don't even know how Hancock would be put down.

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Namek is the weakest here.

From what I know, Ares has amazing power, but he is a semi-glas cannon. Thor should beat him.

Hancock is in a league alongside hela, making the fine line between Live Action Kryptonians for DCEU and CW and Surtur level beings.

So Hancock, Ares and thor are interchangeable, and namek in last.

INB4 someone claims namek beats thor.

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@drpepperman: Hancock is too slow to deal with Supes after his speed boost.

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@rr79: He said he’s on the level to deal with all dceu kryptonians.

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@lfrankthetank27: Maybe its because I am on my phone and the posts look a little different but I don't that anywhere in this thread...

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@rr79: Actually, he claimed Hancock is on hela’s Level, and that makes him above superman. Wtf am I reading 😂😂😂

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Thor or Ares most likely.

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@lfrankthetank27: To be fair, an argument can be made for that. I am not saying I believe it but the argument can be made. Maybe when I get home I will work on a post about Hancock. But it would just be playing devils advocate. He is hard to place but I absolutely do not believe him to be limitless or anything like that, so even playing devils advocate I would stick to what we were shown.

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Devils advocate for Hancock.


Using the train stopping feat and showing that he stopped the train and took absolutely no damage(didn't even flinch).

We will be using these formula

F = ma

v^2=v^2o + 2aΔx

First I had to get the mass of the train that hit him. An average Freight train engine weighs 200 tons(I used the lowest weight) with no fuel.

This is where it gets tricky. A lot of people don't realize that if a train hits something, most of the cars would fall off the track, not contributing much to the overall mass that he was hit with. That is shown in the movie and so I only gave the mass of the 2 cars behind the engine.

I checked the average weights of freight train cars and found that they are 25-30 tons empty and have a load capacity of 50-70 tons. Now, this is an assumption but I don't think the cars would have been empty, but I will put the lowest load weight of 50 tons. So empty, plus load weight times two cars would add another 150 tons making the total weight of 350 tons or 317,514 kilograms.

Next you would need the velocity. After some digging I found that the top speed of a loaded freight train is 60 mph, I wanted to lowball it here and say that the train is only traveling at 45mph or 20.1168 m/s.

Now, I won't bore you with the details but here are the calculations:

original Velocity=20.1168 m/s

Mass=317,298.69 kilograms

0=(20.1168m/s)^2 + 2a(0.01)

A= (20.1168m/s)^2/2(0.01)= .405x10^5 m/s^2


F=(3.17 x 10^5kg)(.405 x 10^5m/s^2)=12.8385 x 10^9

F=317,000 x 40,500 = 12,838,500,000 newtons

So, he was hit with 12,838,500,000 newtons of force and didn't even flinch.

Now, for a little more math. First, it is impossible to do the math on the damage it would take to KO something that took no damage from an amount of force. So for arguments sake we are going to lowball Hancock and say that(even though he took 0 damage) he took .01% of the needed force to KO him. This means that he took 1/10,000th of the amount of force needed to KO him. A little basic math and you find that you would need, at bare minimum, 128,385,000,000,000 Newtons to KO Hancock. Now, to kill him, lets say it would take 10 times that amount, or 1,283,850,000,000,000 newtons of force to Kill Hancock, at bare minimum.

For comparison Superman was hit with a 570 kiloton Nuclear Bomb and was nearly killed. At this point I will freely admit that I do not have the needed information or math skills to figure out the exact amount of force this was.


For this one we can use the train stopping feat as well because he stopped the entire force of the train without budging an inch. In order to stop that amount of force you would need to exert at least that amount of force. So, in that instance he would have exerted at least 12,838,500,000 newtons of force. And he did so casually. I won't bother with any kind of multiplier for the casual nature of the feat because that would be complete speculation.


This on is going to be based on a silly little feat at the end of the movie, but it was still a feat he did. At the end of the movie he has gone to the moon and painted a giant heart on the moon that is visible to the naked eye. After he does that and comes back to earth he calls Ray and tells him to look up, and Ray see's it. Now, a little assumption here but I'm pretty sure it is a very safe assumption. It is highly unlikely that a giant heart on the moon that can be seen with the naked eye is going to go unnoticed for long. People are constantly looking at the moon. Personally, I would say it's not going to go unnoticed for more than a few minutes but we will lowball and say nobody notices it(for whatever reason) for a full 2 hours after he does it. This would require him to make the trip back from the moon to Earth in under 2 hours as he called Ray after he got back to Earth. The moon is roughly 238,99 miles from Earth. To cover that distance in 2 hours that would put him at roughly 155 times the speed of sound. Now, this is of course, travel speed. We do have another feat in the movie of him using his speed in combat when he takes the criminals out of the bank during the hostage scene. He is obviously not moving as fast but I will do my best to compute how fast he would be doing that as well. Looking at a picture of the building used in this scene(City National Tower in Las Angelas) we see that there are 24 large windows one one side and 12 on another. For the purposes of this(and since I am lowballing everything) we will assume that he flew through the side with 12 window. Assuming each window is 10 feet in width and there is a space of 1 foot between them(looks larger but again, lowballing), that would mean that he flew through roughly 135 feet in about 1/10th of a second(that is also not taking into account the distance he may have flown before entering and after exiting the building as it isn't shown). He did this multiple times as he was only taking 1 criminal out at a time. Again, this is a much slower showing than the moon but it does make sense if he doesn't want to kill the criminals. He was traveling at about 920 miles per hour in this scene. The reason it can be used for combat speed is because he flew in, grabbed a criminal, flew out, dropped the criminal off, turned around, and did it again. So we can safely say that his combat speed is a minimum of mach 1 after lowballing it by quite a bit.

I wanted to do more but, I am just too tired after work. Regardless, this should show that an argument can be made that he would be on the same level or very close to that, of DCEU Superman. I put it behind spoiler blocks to keep it from taking up too much space on the page and so people didn't have to see it if they didn't want to read it.

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Hancock is fast, durable, and very strong. But he has very little combat skill. Theres no way he'd come out on top in a fight like this. At best, he wont be killed.

Everybody always tries to show how fast, strong and durable he is, but nobody ever makes an argument for how he'd actually win a fight.

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This is a tough one. Hancock is the only one that would seem to use flight to his advantage of the 3 that can fly.

Ares probably wouldn't let him self be tagged that easily and would teleport.

Nam-Ek is a tank and would shrug off many of the hits.

Thor is the most skilled and has the best weapon.

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Hancock wins.

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