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  • Pinhead (Real World) (5)
  • Scorpion (3)


  • Hershey Chocolates: Detail Info on enemy team, but only the second after the battle started.



  • Gandalf the White (Books and Film) (2)
  • Takizawa (6)


  • Candy Apples: Perfect teamwork

Main Rules

  • Pick up to 8 Points in costumes that will be your character.
  • Everyone is in character, but have no team work issues.
  • Gear must be stated in Openers, and must remain in street tier limits. Gear must be accessible to said character.
  • All characters have access to their feats of Comics and Manga unless stated otherwise.
  • No Reality Warping or Transmutation other characters. Gear not included.
  • No BFR.
  • Battles will have at max 12 days-14 days. Then voting. Anyone who does not post in a week is auto DQ. If you do not have time for this, then dont join.


Start 100 Feet from the middle here.

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@zetsumoto: God dammit Zets, you and your broken ass characters lol.

Well come at me, I ain't afraid of ya!

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The Hell Priest

You solved the box, we came...
You solved the box, we came...


Elliot Spencer is the high priest of a cult of demons known as Cenobites. Their goal is to serve the entity known as Leviathan, and explore the furthest reaches of experience. They crave sensations of all kind, and wish to experience them in such a magnitude that pleasure and pain become one and the same.


LeMarchand's Box(s):

This first item is a necessity, as it is impossible for a Cenobite to exist in the human world without a box having been opened. As various boxes are created, the cenobites distribute them to humans whose jobs in turn, are to find people willing to open the box (often in exchange for the release of someone who is trapped within).

As the box is opened by default, so too is the gate to Leviathan's dimension, allowing for other cenobites who serve the Hellpriest to cross into the human world:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Cenobites (including Pinhead himself) wear the flesh of Leviathan, granting them nigh invulnerability to physical damage. The only way to harm a cenobite is to overpower Leviathan's protections, utilize specialized demon killing weapons, or to strip away their invulnerability with specialized rituals such as the Glyph of the Solutent (Note, this spell is specifically designed to counter Leviathan's power and has no effect on entities from unrelated dimensions).

Lucifer's Armor:

In the Hell Priest's most recent incarnation, the "Scarlet Gospel", Elliot Spencer recovered Lucifer's armor. A powerful artifact which he then used in an attempt to conquer all of hell. The armor renders the wearer immune to the effects of magic. More than that, it allows the user to absorb magical energies and draw upon it for power. The main weakness of the armor, is that it does not generate power on it's own, it can only absorb it from others. If the armor is not fed with magical attacks, it is possible for it to be depleted of it's power.

It should be noted, that the armor was acquired fairly late in the novel. It was used for the climax of the story, which involved two main fights (back to back). Once, against a fire demon, and once against Lucifer. It was also used to massacre a large demonic army. In the fight with Lucifer, Pinhead was defeated, and the armor was stripped from him. Shortly after said battle, Lucifer proceeded to destroy the entire dimension; killing Pinhead along with it.

Since my last opponent had issues with me using the armor, I'll leave it to the voters to decide whether or not they believe the armor should be accessible; and will also point out reasons for why I'd still win without said armor. That said, my last opponent was Revan, and no one takes him seriously. He also didn't even have the balls to see his argument through to the end of the debate. So there's that... =/

Here the Hell Priest uses the armor to absorb a magical attack from a powerful demon lord known as the "Unconsumed":

With the Hell Priest’s blade locked against one of his own the Unconsumed used the other to strike at his adversary’s exposed chest. Surges of power broke over the Hell Priest’s armor from the point of impact, their brightness melting into the armor, stealing the energy of the Unconsumed’s blow and adding to the armor’s power.

The Unconsumed has the power to generate flaming swords so powerful it can cause molten lava and lightning:

He saw the Unconsumed from the corner of his eye, his arms raised above his head. Two more swords were being etched out of the incandescent air above the demon’s fists, streams of raw lava stuff dropping from their blazing lengths and spreading over the fractured marble floor. The Hell Priest had no fear of walking on liquid fire, not adorned in the full armor of the King of Hell.


The Hell Priest raised his own blade to protect his head, and the Unconsumed’s left-handed sword struck it, the impact spitting out serpentine lightning bolts that flew out across the heads of the assembled demons, striking stone dead those stupid enough to reach up and try to grab them.

Conjured Weapons:

As one of Leviathan's priests, Pinhead has vast magical powers. One of his signature abilities is the power to create weapons out of thin air. The most commonly used weapons of his, are bladed chains. Cenobite metal is capable of shredding a moving sub-way train:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

The Scorpion:

Get over here!
Get over here!


Hanzo Hasashi is a former shinobi from the Shirai Ryu clan. After dying in battle, he was resurrected as the spirit of vengeance known as scorpion. His goal is to destroy all those responsible for the fall of his clan and the murder of his family. He boasts immense regenerative abilities, as well as the power to teleport and control hellfire.


Scorpion's main weapons a pair of swords and a chained kunai which he often uses to impale his victims in order to drag them to his location. These weapons can be imbued with hellfire, allowing them to partially withstand the ice magic of Sub Zero, and even competing with an enormously amped version of the latter:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Note, that even base Sub Zero's frost magic is capable of shattering steel blast doors:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

With his amp, Sub Zero was able to freeze a city and shatter an entire building:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

In addition to his various weapons, Scorpion also wears armor capable of stopping thrown spears:

No Caption Provided

The Battle:

Honestly, this should be rather easy win for me. With a cursory glance, the only one who remotely poses a threat is Takizawa, but even he'd have trouble taking on Scorpion, due to his versatile abilities teleportation abilities:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

As we are starting relatively far apart, Pinhead can simply summon his own army, each with the same inviolability to physical damage as him:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

To top it off, Pinhead has powerful sensing abilities and can locate your team the instant the fight starts. Here he uses his chains to kill someone who thought he was safe watching things from behind his computer screen:


No Caption Provided

Here, he is able to harass the protagonist with reality warping and explosions, as well as lead her to where he wanted her to go; despite not having any sort of line of sight (Note, the cenobites that appeared, were all characters he killed earlier in the movie):


So I can pretty much start slaughtering your entire team with chains and explosions before you even see me:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Here the Hell Priest decimates an army with his chains (and this was in the middle of an intense sword fight with the Unconsumed):

Serpentine chains, hook headed, came weaving between the feet of the spectators, striking with razor edge anyone fool enough to block their way. The condemned knew with the appearance of the first hook what horrors would inevitably follow, and each attempted to outrun the judgment. But the Hell Priest knew his game better than breathing.

Whether his victims fell to their knees and begged salvation, as one did, or tried to outrun the pursuing hooks, as did two more, or simply attempted to go against his enemy as he would any other, with sword and dagger, as did the many, all were lost. The hooks found their eyes, their mouths, their asses, their bellies; and finding them, the hooks dug deep and tore hard, reducing their victims in a matter of seconds into thrashing, incomprehensible knots of twitching muscle.

The only member of your team who poses a magical threat, is Gandalf. With Lucifer armor, Gandalf's spells will only end up getting absorbed by the armor, and empowering Pinhead.

Even without the armor, HP magic is notoriously weak against magical beings, and can even be blocked by physical objects. Cenobite inviolability is potent enough to no-sell futuristic weaponry:

No Caption Provided

These guns can destroy the locks on giant, extremely thick, steel blast doors:

No Caption Provided

As for Hanzo, your team would have a hard enough time tagging him even fighting at the best of their abilities. Add in a blinding spell and even Takizawa would likely be incapable of killing him (Note, this was done in a weakened state. At full power, he was able to completely paralyze people):

“It is a shame that you will not see it to its end now. You live in the dark, D’Amour. And that is where you will remain, ” the Hell Priest replied. And so saying, he raised his left hand to his face, whispering an indecipherable incantation. His words ignited in the cage of his blackened fingers.

“Christ. What are you doing?” His heart quickened, not beating but hammering. And with each hammer blow the pricking worsened, as though invisible hands were steadily pressing white-hot needles into his eyes. He tried to blink, but his lids refused to close.

The darkness encroached at ever-greater speed, and Harry could now no longer take in the Hell Priest’s face in a single glance but needed to scan it through the iris that was closing his vision down

His magic can even work on multiple opponents at once. Here, he causes an entire group of demons to hallucinate:

The demon waved his hand over the door and muttered an incantation so soft, Norma wasn’t quite sure she heard anything at all. Whatever rite the Priest had issued, it worked its magic, but quick.

“Oh. Oh no! Oh damnation!” said the same voice from behind the door. “Wait—”

“Yes?” the Hell Priest asked.

“Don’t go!”

“As you’ve said, you are safe within your walls. You have no need of me.”

“We are under siege! There are things! In here! With us! Terrible things! It’s too dark to see! Help us, please!”


  • Cenobite Inviolability renders the effectiveness of physical damage against my team, useless.
  • With Lucifer armor, Gandalf's spells will only end up getting absorbed by the armor, and empowering Pinhead.
  • Even without the armor, Gandalf would likely get killed by Pinhead's chains, long before he even knew there was a fight. Furthermore, Pinhead's inviolability is potent enough to no-sell futuristic weaponry.
  • While Takizawa may have superior physicals to Scorpion, Scorpion compensates with his teleportation abilities, control over hellfire, and various hexes and curses put out by Pinhead.
  • I have full knowledge on your team and both of my characters are more than experienced enough in the art of war to take advantage of this knowledge.
  • I also completely outnumber your team and the entirety of my army has magics that allow them to completely ignore physical attacks. Also, cenobite weapons have super-cutting capabilities, that should be more than capable of harming ghouls.

All in all, prepare to have bladed chains inserted into every single orifice on your body!

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@zetsumoto: Nice post mate

Will get a reply up ASAP

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@kingcrimson: lol I just realized I accidently left some weird stuff from my last CaV. Ignore anything involving Harry Potter. xD

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@zetsumoto: @sirfizzwhizz: Hey, you both OK with giving me a few days over the 7 day limit with this being the final and all?

I will make a post, just with work and Christmas I don't get much time were I can sit down and make a full CaV post.

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@kingcrimson: It’s the final round. I don’t think there is an actual timelimit.

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@kingcrimson: When they said there was no limit, you really took that literally, didn't you? Lel.

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@major_hellstrom: Aw man, I'm glad you've reminded me. I keep forgetting.

I'm gonna make a post this weekend - sod all else to do.

@mylittlefascist: Hope you're ready to lose your first match mate, lol.