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  • Grimmjow vs Erza

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- Morals OFF

- Arrancar Arc Grimmjow

- Current Erza

- Plot Armor/PIS are NOT allowed

- Standard Equipment

- Start 200 feet apart

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FTverse gets soloed

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This is actually a decent fight however I'm giving it to Erza due to versatility

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Grimmjow blitzes her head off.

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Isn't Grimmjow too fast for her

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@copete said:


You're terrible LMBO....but Grimmjow's speed is big here.

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Grimmjow blitzes

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Erza has to use her strongest weapon and armor for cut or damage Grimmjow's hierro.

In the best scenario (for her):

• Erza wins with high diff. against base Grimmjow

• Pantera Grimmjow blitz her

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Ezra gets a gut feeling, so grimmjow does what he did to rukia. Jk jk but I think grimmjow in an awesome battle

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Phanter win

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Dude, you removed her main ability.. She can't win this battle anymore..

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Grimjow's speed is too much for Erza to keep up with.

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Grimmjow blitzes her and gives her a big blue cero to take back to her guild.