Gremmy(bleach) vs Merlin(SDS)

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No knowledge of each other.

Composite versions of the two.

Smart gremmy.


Battlefield: soul society.

Who wins?

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#2 Posted by Undre (5202 posts) - - Show Bio

Grimmy no dif

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Smart Gremmy soloes NNT verse with zero diff. Mismatch.

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Gremmy stomps, but even smart Gremmy would get blitzed and oneshotted by more than a few NnT characters. No way he solos the verse.

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Gremmy curbs NNT.

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I love that "Smart Gremmy" is a thing needed.

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Solos the verse stop downplaying. No ones blitzing him. NNT onlu has lighting+ timmers

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Does it even need to be smart gremmy? I mean, what can Merlin even do? Put one of his fake bodies into a cube? Blow up some bodies? None of what we saw was actually Gremmy.

Eventually he just says Galaxy Room and its over.

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Merlin seal that weak thrash

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Magic cancel. Perfect cancel

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If magic=reiatsu then Merlin's best option to win would be to hope absolute cancel would work. She has used it on people stronger than her before so it could possibly work here.

Outside of that she would lose though.