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This is my first post. LOL

Its Hal Jordan and DC Cap marvel vs Captain Mar-Vell and Nova.

Well who wins this fight?

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Captain Marvel aka Billy Baston would win here  Mar-Vell would get stomped out by Cap Marvel I think Hal could take him too. Nova is pretty powerful but I dont think he could handle either Hal or Billy either. I dont think its a curbstomp here... but I got Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Captain Marvel winning here.

By the Way - Welcome to the Boards,  Conspiralcy !
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Ooof. I'd Love To Say The Marvel Team, Seeing As Im A Nova Fanboy All The Way, But Hal Jordan Is Just To Much For The Two Of Them.

I Guess It Does Kinda Depend On Their Power Levels Though.

If It Was Current Nova Vs. Non-Paralax, Non-Spectre, Non-Superhelldamnpowerfulwhichheprettymuchalwaysis Hal, Then I Think The Marvel Team Would Win.

Yeah So... I Say Which Version Will Decide The Battle.

Until I Hear More Specifics, I'll Still Go With Hal Taking On Mar-Vell And Nova Himself.

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DC team wins this.

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Gotta go with DC.

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ooooh great battle here....but.....even tho I'm such a Marvel fan....i'd say DC