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Grant Ward
Grant Ward



In character. Battles take place in a small abandoned village.

Round 1: Both unarmed. Begin two feet apart. Win by death or knock out.

Round 2: Both have standard kevlar armour and two Beretta handguns. Begin on either side of the village in stealth. Win by death or knock out.

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Crossbones, he actually gave Cap a brief fight

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ward easily, crossbones fights had no real solid showings.

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Crossbones did tag Steve like twice.During their one on on.

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Crossbones cus he did that cool thing with the knife n gun

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@guardiandevil83: With weapons and a magnetic cuff. Without them, he's just a fighter. And with them, Steve still won against the whole elevator full of trained men.

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Round One: Grant Ward would dominate the field because he is probably the most trained in combat of Hydra. Crossbones went against Falcon and aside from not quitting, kind of had a match in hand to hand combat. Grant Ward went against seven level 5 foot soldiers (armed, mind you) and defeated them. He also was going to win against Melinda May, the Calvary, until she stapled gunned his foot (convience called for it for the plot). Win by the death of Crossbones.

Round Two: When Crossbones shot in Captain America: the Winter Soldier, he failed immensely. However, Ward's shooting skills are shooting a pistol from 500 yards and (as mentioned in the show) he shot a target from hundreds of miles. Win by the death of Crossbones.

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Ward in both rounds. Rumlow is pretty much featless. Interesting note, there are theories that Ward becomes Taskmaster.

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Brock needs more feats

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As of right now Ward would win

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Ward would most likely win in his current status

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Ward, I can't wait to see Rumlov in Civil War

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Ward as of now.

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Round 1: Grant ward 10/10

Round 2: Grant ward 7/10

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Ward both rounds

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Ward clearly has better feats, but Rumlow is part of a Black Ops Shied squad. They're probably pretty evenly matched, at least at gunplay.

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Ward in a decent fight. Too bad they killed both characters off.

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@rogueshadow You have the curse of making these threads first and getting the least amount of replies

But at-least dstreet45 replies in yours, that automatically makes yours better tbh