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These 2 IMO are hands down the best fighter currently. This is a random encounter, and both are out for the kill.

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Grey Worm because of the spear and shield.

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Grey Worm is just better

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boi u know she gon win

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Grey Worm win.

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Grey Worm. He has better equipment, and is about as fast. He has better feats as well.

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Arya for absolutely no other reason then i hate grey worm and would love to see him be killed.

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What makes Arya "hands down the best fighter"? Because she momentarily got the better of a holding back Brienne in a sparring match?

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@brittonic_para: why kind of person hates Grey Worm lol. He stomps by the way.

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Arya solos with her stealth.

Sorry guys, but it's the truth. She's far too skilled for whoever this guy is.

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Grey Worm obviously.

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Arya has Multi hypersonic combat speed and has Taskmaster level skill. Grey worm has no penis. Ergo Arya wins.

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@thorofasgard: this kind of person. Especially after the latest ep when he slaughtered a bunch of lannister gaurds after the threw down their blades. What a cunt.

Maybe he does, but i refuse to say so.

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@the_red_viper: “And for God’s sake, watch your language!” -Iron Man

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Grey Worm should die

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@brittonic_para: fuck the lannisters. A lannister whore made him watch as the unarmed non combatant love of his life was decapitated. Those soldiers were cowards and in a war, that they were ok fighting because they thought they were going to win against a bunch of mere savages and bastards. Danys armies only take prisoners that bend the knee, not pussies that sit out the war of the world at the behest of an incestuous whore. You act like they were honorable and deserved better. They weren't and got what they deserved.

Grey Worm for the win. No stealth is helping her in a head on battle, with that the bullshit short range weapon and no shield. She's afraid to die, he isn't afraid of anything since his only weakness was killed.

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Grey Worm easily

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Grey worm. Arya is only good with prep/an ambush

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Grey Worm has become in my eyes one of if not the most impressive fighter on the show that's living, barring Jon Snow. Arya is a badass and far more versatile with her stealth and assassinations, but Grey Worm is simply too skilled in a one on one fight to lose this. Grey Worm 8/10

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@lordofallhumans: except they were not Lannisters, they were men if kings landing. They have no concept if what goes on for the iron throne, and even jon was against the slaughter. They were not "okay with the war", if you truley think that then you have no concept of a human being or motivation. The soldiers were defending their city, nothing more. Even in terms of the lannisters, the only ones at that point who wanted a war were that dang queen and dany herself. They didnt want a war so much, they were willing to just surrender so they could see their families again.

They were not cowards, they just didnt want to die for nothing. And with dam dragon it would have been for nothing.

I am aware of how dany opperates. Same way hitler did, when Scandinavia didnt bend the knee and give him the production he wanted, they were invaded. Doesnt mean it is right.

So you think that surrendering in a fight you have no chance of winning means you should die? Funny, just as the Japanese thought of the Chinese in world war 2 aswell. The whole point of that scene was to show how far dany and her men are, they were not in an honorable fight. They were exacuting unarmed men.

The thought that you would personally would keep fighting after watching what they just watched, for a cause you wouldnt even care about, is hailarious. There is a difference between being on honorable warrior, and being stupid. If they kept fighting, they would have been stupid.

This is why snow should be on the throne dammit. It wasnt a war, it was a slaughter against men who threw down their arms, and that is many legues more dishonorable then throwing down your weapon in the first place.

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@the_red_viper: sorry lad. British, so i hear and use that word in everyday sentance. Unfortunate for trying to be civil, but it just be like that :(

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Arya dodges all his attacks, his spear snaps in half mid fight, a white horse appears and kicks him in the back then she stabs him at the top of his skull coming out from the clouds above him.

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Grey worm

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Arya's not a good fighter lol; she's a STEALTHY fighter. That's literally it. Her only saving grace is that people underestimate her.

Put her against someone in a straight up One versus One to the death. She wouldn't last 5 seconds.