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#101 Posted by those_eyes (17291 posts) - - Show Bio

How do the omega beams come into play here? Wont they make this a stomp in darkseids favor?

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So could the sword Hercules was sporting while depowered - doesn't mean he can do jack to Gorr.

He took over Earth in a way that's never been done in Marvel or DC and not been hand-waved away as if it never happened.

He never took over the Earth - just annihilated its pantheons short of Thor. What destruction we see from Old King Thor's time-line is unexplained and if I had to guess probably has something to do with whatever Odin is up to in Asgard since that particular moment was high-lighted by the writer after the God-Bomb arc.

Every character is a flavor of the month for all year. No matter how many Gorr threads we see, its not going to add up to the random match-ups featuring someone like Superman within said month.

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#103 Posted by TheMagicStik (2552 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr beats gods but do we ever actually see him beat the gods and how he does it? Can't gods just wipe Gorr out of existence? If they can't then that means they aren't very powerful to begin with. The Odinforce would wipe Gorr out of existence, clearly whatever Old Thor is weilding is not as strong as the Odinforce. Don't tell me beating old Thor is a feat because old Thor has no feats. Omega Beams give DS the win as long as it is real DS, the only two people who can survive a real Omega Beam are Superman and Doomsday.

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#104 Posted by IheartZombies92--defunct (2317 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr beats him pretty handily, especially if he knows that Darkseid is referred to as a god.

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@themagicstik: Old Thor and Odin Force Thor can be consider the same level.

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#106 Posted by SheenLantern (7619 posts) - - Show Bio

People put Gorr way above Skyfather level because he beat Old Thor, who has no Skyfather level feats.

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My fanboyism for Darkseid is showing on this vote...lol

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#110 Posted by dondave (41760 posts) - - Show Bio

Darkseid removes his soul

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God butcher.

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#115 Posted by ssj_god (16749 posts) - - Show Bio

post #15

@dondave said:


post #110

@dondave said:

Darkseid removes his soul

how contradicting :D

op: i think gorr can win this

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Gorr stomps.

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#121 Posted by RealityWarper (12333 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr takes a new trophy.

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#122 Posted by nova_prime76 (164 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr murders both. The end. Gorr beat up three Thors at once. One an all-father.

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#123 Posted by TheKing47 (1346 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr stomps hard

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#124 Posted by homicidalmaniac (10895 posts) - - Show Bio

Good times

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#125 Posted by The_Kidd (12349 posts) - - Show Bio

R1: Gorr murder stomp

R2: leaning towards Darkseid

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#126 Posted by New_World_Order (14895 posts) - - Show Bio

Pre-52 Darkseid loses to Superman more times than Wolverine appears on team rosters...

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#127 Posted by RealityWarper (12333 posts) - - Show Bio

Goor both round.
He has an unlimited army of minions as though as Thor with the Necrosword.

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I would have to say most definitely Gorr. He is an excellent new character but it's obviously the necrosword that does the business. I am happy to accept off panel exposition and use basic logic to assume he wiped out and enslaved pretty much every god.

DS could be a beast, but while he can be beaten endlessly by Superman it restricts his level to just 'potential'. And omega beams are just a tool for providing feats for others. If they were that good then NO ONE would survive them...they are a handy plot mechanic.

But as a side point I would be interested to see what will happen to Galactus now he has been infected with the necrosword. That would be immense.

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#130 Posted by Darkgenex (959 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr takes round 1. Round 2 is debatable, but without any major amps, GORR takes round 2.

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#132 Posted by Kingant27 (16918 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr beat both rounds Darkseid's at the same time.

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#133 Posted by Master-Danny (751 posts) - - Show Bio

gorr easily all the rounds.

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#134 Posted by Conner_Wolf (6380 posts) - - Show Bio

Gorr has killed Elder Gods before, some of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel universe. He's manipulated entire stars in battle, he's taken a full blast from the Odinforce-at least equal to the Omega Effect in terms of raw power, if not far greater-and it was only able to phase him for a few moments. He was taking on Thor with absolute ease and he's got just as much battle experience as Darkseid, especially at killing gods.

I've gotta say Gor wins 7/10

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#135 Posted by Spambot (9470 posts) - - Show Bio

@tomofukuoka: I'm not sure what you mean by now. Gorr defeated a Skyfather level Thor multiple times and even his contructs were capable of overwhelming him by themselves. He had also wiped out thousands upon thousands of pantheons which would quite naturally include quite a few sky fathers seeing as that's what skyfathers are(rulers of pantheons). Gorr is above skyfather level without question. OKT is pretty much at the top of that tier and Gorr could beat him 1 on 1.

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Hasn't the New 52 Darkseid been killing Supermens across the multiverse? To make of course this Frankenstein Superman. Plus he took a magical trident to the chest and was barely unaffect. Plus two magical weapons in the eyes and was still standing. The only way he was beaten was being sent home. I know Gorr is a God killing hence his name, but honestly I don't see him as powerful as Darkseid. Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, and he's proven it. I wouldn't say stomp, but Darkseid wins.

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I also give both rounds to Darkseid because in in the N52 he has faced a recent team of Jl and has proven more of a match. In Round two, even if Gorr can 'kill' Darkseid, he will come back. Reason; No one like Gorr can kill him. He may be the God Killer. But Darkseid is protected by the Source, the Spectre couldn't even kill him. Only Radion, and I suppose Orion can kill him. Darkseid wins, not in a stomp though.

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#140 Posted by MasterKungFu (20773 posts) - - Show Bio

1) waits after DW

2) could go either way

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#142 Posted by Emperorb777 (11393 posts) - - Show Bio


He'll continue to become more powerful with each appearance.

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#143 Posted by Sly_141 (3216 posts) - - Show Bio

As much as I like DS, I think Gorr takes this. I mean he took on a Skyfather, Worthy Thor, and a Young Thor and was winning.

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Gorr can take this. Easily wreck shitty N52/DC rebirth DS. Pre crisis will be a battle but he could still take it.

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Darkseid destroys this overwanked lizard

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Depends on what version of Darkseid