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Just like it sounds, Gorr vs the Twins, in character. The twins travel in time to a planet in the same solar system as Gorr's a month before Avengers Thor and Old Thor show up. Gorr feels their arrival somehow and assumes they're gods come to stop him and meets them on their planet. Each side expects that they can win as they are so they haven't prepared in any way. All the twins know about Gorr (since he knows nothing of them) is that he likes to kill gods.

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I'm going with the Apocalypse Twins solely on the fact that their powers are connected to the Celestials, while Gorr is connected to the gods. And everyone knows that Celestials are greater than gods.

However my opinion is open to change since I haven't been keeping up with either characters.

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I'd take the twins, IIRC they still have Thor's axe, it would kill him.

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the twins

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@dondave said:

I'd take the twins, IIRC they still have Thor's hammer, it would kill him.

It was an axe and I purposefully didn't include that. If it's necessary for the fight to be fair I may add it in later, but let's see where we get without it.

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Glad you put this up, my favorite new villans. It would be close but id give it to gorr for now. The twins powers are time based and probably wouldn't effect gorr, and since they haven't shown much in the way of physical strength id give it to him. Now if there was prep time they would no doubt stomp him.

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What exactly have the Twins done to be considered on the same league as Gorr? What am i missing?

Everything they have done so far has been because of planning rather than inherent powers.

In a random encounter Gorr slaughters them.