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  • Both teams are going all out
  • Random encounter
  • Battle takes place on an indestructible planet
  • Win by Death or knockout
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If this is Super Dyspo and GoD Toppo, they stomp. If not, I would hesitantly go with team 1.

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I'll assume Frieza and Dyspo will want a rematch. It's tough to say, either Frieza doesn't play around and goes for the kill right off the bat before Dyspo can go into his upgraded form. Or, Dyspo blitzes him with a energy-blade to face and kills him instantly.

As for Goku Black vs Toppo: Toppo has the stat advantage. But I believe Goku Black's ability to adapt and grow stronger will catch up to Toppo before Toppo can put him down first. Mainly because Toppo doesn't use his full-power to begin a fight with. He only used it twice, once when he was about to face Goku KKx10, and another against Android 17. So Black will last long enough, especially with clones for Toppo to deal with, and eventually defeat Toppo.

Biggest factor is how Frieza vs Dyspo goes. If Dyspo wins quickly enough to help Toppo 2v1 Black before he can adapt, then Team 2 can win. But I'm sticking with Team 1 for the majority in a really good fight.

If this is GoD Toppo though, then he solos easily.

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I think it was obvious that Golden Frieza was outclassed by Dyspo so significantly, that he never would've won without Gohan's help.

Toppo can probably one-shot Goku Black with any random application of 'energy of destruction'.

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Black vs GoD Toppo is a good fight that probably favours Black slightly. Feats and accolade wise they are on the same class, as Black easily humiliated 2 SSBs without throwing a single punch while Toppo had the marginal upper hand against SSBE Vegeta. Toppo's hakai is impractical while Black boasts comparable power, and superior versatility and adaptation. Toppo's defensive hakai barriers will pose a problem though.

Frieza takes out Dyspo without much effort if he chooses to get serious.

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The Pride Troopers take this.

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I want to say team 1 so badly......but that would be biased character fan wank to the extreme. Team 2 decisively since GoD Toppo is here per OP.

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GoD Toppo solos