Goku and Vegeta vs Kefla and Hit

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  1. Takes place in Future Trunk's Timeline.
  2. In-Character but all combatants go all out.
  3. Winner by K.O. or Death if that's the case.


Round 1: Goku and Vegeta are in SSB. Hit can use Time Cage, Kefla can go SSJ2.

Round 2: Goku and Vegeta are in SSB. Hit cannot use Time Cage, Kefla can only go SSJ.

Round 3: Goku uses SSBxKK20, Vegeta uses Royal Blue. Hit can use Time Cage, Kefla can go SSJ2.

Round 4: Same as Round 3 but Hit cannot use Time Cage and Kefla can only go SSJ.

Bonus Round: Goku has access to Ultra Instinct-Sign- but Vegeta is not there.

Special Bonus Rounds Below.

One on One Bonus Rounds

1v1 Bonus 1: Goku SSBKK vs Kefla SSJ2

1v1 Bonus 2: Vegeta SSBE vs Kefla SSJ

1v1 Bonus 3: Goku SSBKK vs Hit(No Time Cage)

1v1 Bonus 4: Vegeta SSBE vs Hit(Time Cage)


Kefla: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Kefla

Hit: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Hit

Vegeta: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Vegeta

Goku: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Goku


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R1 : Goku and Vegeta

R2 : Hit and Kefla

R3 : Goku and Vegeta

R4 : Goku and Vegeta

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Team Hit only wins 1

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1. Kefla solos.

2. Could go either way, with an edge to team Universe 6 due to Kefla.

3. Goku and Vegeta, Hit is useless.

4. Goku and Vegeta.

5. Goku, Hit is useless.

@omnipotent94 said:

R1 : Goku and Vegeta

R2 : Hit and Kefla

R3 : Goku and Vegeta

R4 : Goku and Vegeta

That makes no sense?

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R1 - Kefla solos.

R2 - Kefla and Hit stomp.

R3 - Kefla and Hit mid or hard diff.

R4 - Goku and Vegeta finally win one. Hit is a nonfactor and they’ll have to duo Kefla in a hard fight.

R5 - Hit is a nonfactor and Goku already beat Kefla with UI Omen.

Hit is enough to match either of the Super Saiyan Blues and Vegeta hasn’t been present for most of Hit’s techniques so he has no reason to know how anything besides Time Skip works. Kefla in her SSJ stomped Blue Kaioken Goku in a single kick and Whis compared SSJ Kefla to the Team Universe 7 Spirit Bomb. SSJ and SSJ2 Kefla have no reason to normal Blue Goku and normal Blue Vegeta.

As for the rounds with Blue Kaioken x20 and Blue Evolved instead of normal Blue, Kefla and Hit still definitely win with SSJ2 and Cage of Time. Cage of Time is more impressive than anything Vegeta managed to do to Jiren in the tournament. Literally: Vegeta pushed Jiren, got a couple of surprise attacks that did no damage, and helped out in team attacks that amounted to nothing but wasted energy. Cage of Time actually stuck Jiren in place for quite awhile and you can see how he’s slowly having to regain power. And before anybody says “oh man Jiren was suppressed against Hit,” newsflash he was suppressed against Vegeta too. He didn’t declare he was breaking out his full power until Goku went Mastered Ultra Instinct and started railing on him. I’ve already gone over just how powerful Kefla is by her feats against Goku and statements by Whis so yeah, with SSJ2 and Hit there to Cage of Time one of the Saiyans her team definitely wins. As for the round where she’s just regular SSJ and Hit can’t use Cage of Time, that’s the round they lose. Goku and Vegeta are going to get rid of Hit quick and then they’re going to have to work together and beat Kefla in a good fight.

No reason to give justification for my Round 5 pick, it basically happened in the show since Hit won’t matter.

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Goku and Vegeta win all rounds.

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R1: Kefla could solo

R2: Kefla and Hit, but Hit could go down as a casualty

R3: Kefla could solo. Hit can match them with time cage

R4: Saiyans win

The Breakdown:

R1 is an easy win for Kefla due to the fact that she could fight competitively with UI Goku (2nd awakening) somewhat. Her power is also on a completely different level than when she was at Ssj1 and even then she was strong enough to tank attacks from ssbkk Goku. In this round they're only at SSB so this easily goes to U6.

R2 is another win for U6 due the fact that SSJ Kefla is on par with ssbkk. She should be able to solo them at this level. Since Hit dosen't have his time cage technique then I could see him going down.

R3 is a potential stomp for Kefla. She is able to fight UI Goku at this level and Hit has the time cage here. Hit could trap one of them in a stop while Kelfa wipes them out with blast. You could probably make an argument for Vegeta doing some damage to Kefla with his final atonement (which will definitely put Hit out of the fight, but I don't think it would be on the same level as UI Goku's Kamehameha. U6 wins this

R4 is where the saiyans take a win. Hit doesn't have his trump card so he gets overwhelmed rather easily. Both of them can outpower his time skip easily at this level and I doubt Vegeta would have to resort to the Final Atonement for him. Kefla can't really solo at this level due to the fact that she was getting rocked for a bit from ssbkk Goku (tired). Both of them can easily overwhelm her. U7 wins

UI Goku takes the bonus round. We've already seen him beat Kefla at her best. Hit goes down much easier. If this is third awakening UI then it's a big stomp due to that one being able to outright damage Jiren.

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What do you guys think about my new 1v1 bonus rounds?

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What do you guys think about my new 1v1 bonus rounds?

BR1: Kefla wins as she was able to go blow for blow with UI Goku in SSJ2. She should be able to take out any version of ssbkk Goku.

BR2: An even ish match with no one really having an advantage as far as stats imo. I do believe that Vegeta could take her out with a Final Atonement tho, so I can see him winning this in most cases

BR3: Goku wins. Hit doesn't have his trump card and time skip won't really be of any use to him against Goku (as he said himself). Goku also has knowledge of his other techniques so I can see him taking Hit out eventually.

BR4: Hit could trap Vegeta with his trump card, but eventually I can see Vegeta overpowering it with a Final Atonement it ever came down to it. Jiren exerted more energy fighting Vegeta than he did breaking out of Hit's time cage.

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Round 1: Kefla and Hit

Round 2: Kefla and Hit

Round 3: Goku and Vegeta

Round 4: Goku and Vegeta

Bonus Round: Goku

1v1 Bonus 1: Kefla

1v1 Bonus 2: 50/50, maybe Kefla if she uses her final attack.

1v1 Bonus 3: Goku

1v1 Bonus 4: Vegeta