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Both teams are serious, takes place on earth. Who wins?

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Krillin Solos.

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from my notes:

274 - Guido paralyzes Gohan and Krillin with telekinesis. Both have PL’s over 10,000. [Might have been before both had their potentials unlocked too]

287-Vegeta stomped Jeice and Ginyu. Krillin and Gohan could fight against 23,000 PL Ginyu. [I'm assuming Ginyu was in Goku's body at this time]

299-Krillin cuts off 2nd form Frieza’s tail

373 - Tien’s Kikoho singed Cell’s head and kept on pushing him back.

Daizenshuu & V-jump placed Krillin's PL at 13,000 then it grew to 75,000.

Base Vegeta capped at 18,000 and can get a x10 multiplier. Goku capped at 32,000 with Kaioken x4.

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Frieza Saga Krillin solos.

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WTF ? Krillin solos, LOL, this is not even a fair match.