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I'm pretty sure there's a rule against me from taking sides......but look at my name.

Godzilla crushes my childhood icon like a tin can. Way too big, way to strong.

I should put him up with someone.

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#102 Posted by Savageslayer (1377 posts) - - Show Bio

Godzilla clears.

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#103 Posted by Klaus (2036 posts) - - Show Bio

Could stop at 6, probably 7, dies horribly at 8.

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#105 Posted by hunterzillas (1183 posts) - - Show Bio


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#107 Posted by Baltoro (1822 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor stomps. Godzilla stops at 6.

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#109 Edited by Gojira2512 (2137 posts) - - Show Bio

@baltoro said:

Thor stomps. Godzilla stops at 6.

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Godzilla was being compared, by Thor himself, to the Midgard Serpent. and Thor will need 100% of his power to stop Godzilla! heck! listen too thor!

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Marvel Godzilla was enough Durable to take a direct hit from Thor on head. It describes how Godzilla only feels pain as never before. Then Godzilla Roar and makes Thor Retreat.

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Stated on panel to match Classic Thor in what was narrated as "exerted in a fierce give-and-take STALEMATE".

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as other feats to validate this we have hercules

Hercules is able to this.

Hercules - Lifting Manhattan
Hercules - Lifting Manhattan

But Marvel Godzilla Causes Hercules to strain with every inch of his being to lift Godzilla's foot stomp.

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and finally Godzilla defeat Savage Hulk

Savage Hulk who is enough strong to destroy a meteorite twice size of Earth.




Here is Savage Hulk after fight Marvel Godzilla one-shot the Hulk lol

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shrugged off the combined firepower of S.H.I.E.L.D's "Behemoth" helicarrier, Iron Man's repulsor rays in his "UltraPower Classic Armor", the flames of the Human Torch and energy weapons developed by Reed Richards; more quantifiably, Godzilla has also tanked his own radioactive breath to no reprecussions

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Godzilla's atomic breath seemed to have great effect and even out powering the Human Torch which would probably make Godzilla's atomic breath flames superior to Johnny who's flames have reached 2,000,000° Celsius beforehand.((I do remember reading somewhere that Johnny stated Godzilla's radioactive flames are superior to his own but I can't seem to find a panel where he stated that so it was possibly stated after the fight))

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This makes it for now.

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Probably stop at 6

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#111 Posted by Hey_Thatsmildlyadequate (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol classic Thor feats

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#112 Posted by TakenStew22 (1507 posts) - - Show Bio

Stops at 6. If this is GIH Godzilla then he clears.