godzilla 2014 vs captain marvel MCU

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Stalemate or Carol

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Is her bullrushing strong enough to go through Godzilla ?

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@sexybayonetta22: She is physically weak and her energy enhanced punches/attacks are nothing comoared to large nukes. Basically all Monsterverse titans are immune to nukes. So i would say no.

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I'm not sure he can tag her, the Mutos, creatures hurt Godzilla, I don't think this Godzilla has strength, speed, fight skills or atomic breath as powerful as other versions of Godzilla

Cap Marvel also has interesting feats


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in Binary form she pretty much went FTL, can ring out large objects, toss stuff to space etc

the nuke tests and maybe the non-canon comicbook asteroid give Godzilla great durability but she was smashing through StarWars sized space fleets


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I'm not sure Godzilla can tag her?



the Kaiju in the Pacific Rim Universe could be stronger than Godzilla

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@megacityone: Godzilla grabbing female Mutos neck instantly stopped her and broke windows for like 100 meters. Even the small male muto can drag around the 90000 ton GZ while PR kaijus barely weight 5000 tons. Hell, GZ accidentally leveled a large part of a city by coming out of the water. Plus the comic is canon.

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Godzilla wins.

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Lol at Pacific Rim Kaiju being stronger than Godzilla. Interesting fact, the biggest Kaiju in Pacific Rim weighed 12,000 tons. Godzilla weighs 90,000. Based on feats, Godzilla can handle pushing 1.3 trillion pounds, I say this because he swam around in the mantle for some million years, and pressure in the mantle can get 1 million times stronger than surface pressure. I’m pretty Carol is gonna get overpowered here, her only advantage is speed, and intelligence. I’d say that Godzilla should be able to outlast Carol, because he fought things designed to kill him, and traveled the world throughout 2 days, right after taking a fat 50 year nap. So Godzilla should win 8/10.

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Godzilla. She would be more of a nuisance.

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Godzilla , the trailer for the next movie showed some good feats as well.