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Title says all. Who would win?

Round 1:

No sigils.

Round 2:

Sigils allowed.

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Geralt wins he has the edge in everything

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Goblin Slayer refuses to show up, he has better things to do. Like slaying goblins.

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Geralt. Quen

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Geralt wins both rounds.

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If, and only if Goblin Slayer appears, he dies both rounds. Geralt has range, experience, skill, power and reflexes to defeat him and in round 2 he could knock him over with Aard, slow him with Yrden, confuse him with Axii, deflect his attacks with Quen or simply roast him with Igni.

But since Geralt is no goblin there will be no fight.

Goblin Slayer has other things to do.

A goblin killing contest between them would be fun though

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