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Both teams at full power and looking to kill

Fight takes place on empty namek

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Ginyu pose's solos

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Coolers squad should win. If my memory serves me right I think 1 of them was holding their own against piccolo who could beat second form Frieza by that time since it’s post namek. That’s enough to stomp the ginyu force

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Cooler's Squad were jobbers. The Ginyu Force outnumber them and have plenty of teamwork between them to take out the three without a ton of trouble.

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Cooler’s squad stomps. None of Ginyu Force would be able to hold their own against Piccolo or a holding back base Goku like Cooler’s squad did.

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Sauzer solo.

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@grappolo said:

Sauzer solo.

Unless Ginyu does body switch on him specifically, this.

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@captfalcon725: I don't see that happening tbh, Sauzer is way stronger he should be able to oneshot.

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If this was a pose-battle Ginyu stomps.

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anyone from coolers squad solo's

spite thread

make PL's equal and it's different

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Disregarding Ginyu’s body change ability, Cooler’s Armored Squadron should take this. Guldo is fodder, Dore and Recoome can cancel each other out, Neiz’s pink attack should be more than enough to take out either Jeice or Burter and he can fight the other one. Sauza fights Ginyu, and by feats he should curb. Ginyu’s listed power level was 120,000. First Form Frieza’s was 530,000. This means Ginyu is just a bit more than a fifth of first form Frieza’s level. Piccolo was stronger than second form Frieza who has a power level over 1,000,000. Sauza was capable of fighting Piccolo with some noticeable disadvantages. I doubt he’s that high, but an argument could conceivably be made that Sauza is up to 10x stronger by the numbers.

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Goku on Namek was too fast for them to perceive and thats when his power level was around 100,000. Wasn’t Piccolos power level around 1 million on Namek? Salza could fight a stronger piccolo so he should be able to stomp the ginyu force on his own