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Ghost (Avah Starr) portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (M.C.U.)
From the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (M.C.U.) "Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)" movie

Jack Joyce (portrayed by Shawn Ashmore)

From Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios'
From Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios' "Quantum Break (2016)" Xbox One and P.C. Exclusive Video Game


  • Random Encounter
  • In character
  • Standard Gear and Abilities for Starr
  • Jack's abilities are maxed out
    • But only has access to Time Vision and Time Rush Abilities
  • Joyce is only armed with a pistol with one ammo magazine
  • Win by any means necessary


Riverport; Industrial Area
Riverport; Industrial Area
  • Combatants start 150 ft. apart, visible from each others' sights
  • Only a dozen ammo magazines are scattered in the area
  • Civilians and outside interference will not be tolerated

If the fight is too unfair, suggestions on how to make it more equal are welcome.

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Ava has no counter to time manipulation powers.

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@assemblesquad: Did Ava ever shoved time manipulation on jack level, jack is zoom of video games, he is powerful time manipulator, he have hypersonic combat speed ( his speed is achived by time manipulation but it is still speed), he have also extremly superhuman reactions he easily reacted to bullets at point blank range after they where fired and sawed them in slow motion moving very very slowly and he then saved his brother all at the same time, his strikes are extremly powerful, he can easily crush thick buletproof metal helmet with one punch and one shots soldiers with ease in full armor with thick bulletproof helmet, his strike easily send paul serene flying dozens of meters and break his skull, and bullets do almost nothing to paul serene, you see in quantum break you have people with time manipulation powers they are called chrnon acitve individuals, they are like speedsters, they have powerful strikes becase of their speed( momentum) , here is one example of paul serene when jack killed paul


and paul serene can easily kill soldiers in full armor and send them flying dozens of meters , he once send jack flying 10 meters thrugh thick and strong woden door, and he greatly held back, and jack at the end of game is as powerful as him or little more powerful

Jack can also use time stop to stop time , and that makes his bullets even more powerful and they then do even more damage, he can us time shield, and time blasts ( basicly powerful granades of chronon energy) , time blasts can easily kill soldiers in full armor and send them flying in air.

Jack alone stomped private army of higly trained soldiers with high tech, once he destroyed large sqad of higly trained soldiers at the same time including many snipers, those soldiers literly could only cry on radio and say " something tear as apart , we dont know what it is" before dying

So i think that jack would stomp her, i mean he could blitz her faster than she can think , if she becomes invisible he can use time vision, with use of time vision he can see through walls.

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@darko1234: I should've known about that. Jack might too fast and has too much hax for Ghost.