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In my previous thread is was deemed Ghazkull would stomp MCU Hulk, so now I'm grabbing a stronger Hulk.

Specifically Hulk from the 2006 planet Hulk comic run.

(Previous thread https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/ghazkull-thrakka-vs-mcu-hulk-read-1969732/)

First let me explain that Orks in 40k are not just Greenskined brutes, they are a massively psychic race powered by a reality warping force called the WAAAGH!

Basically this power allows even the most basic ground troop to alter reality according to their whim. Their guns are just slabs of metal and wood designed to look like guns that only fire because the Ork believes it can fire. The only way Ork knives Pierce space marine or even tank armour is because they believe they can.

That being understood, Ghazkull Thrakka is the biggest meanest Ork with a PowaKlaw that he believes can slice through anything, so it does.

Could Ghazkull defeat Hulk according the the following rules:

Fight in Arena from Planet Hulk

Hulk gets equipment from that fight.

Ghazkull gets standard gear.

Cybork Body

Mega Armour

Big Shoota

Power Klaw