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The Destructive Incarnate Madara vs Unstoppable Flame Old Man Yamamoto

Who would win if these two blades clashed each others?

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Feat wise Susanno sword is obviously more impressive, with powerscaling maybe Yamaji have the edge against EMS Madara.

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Yamamoto incinerates with the heat of the Sun.

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Plot wins. Also have to look for a scan of something real fast.

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Found it. Yama has my vote/whatever you call it.

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Yama wins easily, what are these feats everyone keeps talking about when it comes to madara, all he has is AOE attacks, Meteors, Susanoo etc. Yamamoto will just incenerate everything to ashes, people keep on thinking Destroying mountain, moon= more feats, is getting pretty tiring, naruto fans these days will just bring up the tail beast bomb and say it destroy a country and somehow = win. yamamoto bankai is not about AOE or destroying is all about concentrating 15mil Degrees into 1 point, that is more scary that a wide Destruction S class jutsu which is what a tail beast bomb is, susanoo will melt in front of yama like some kind of butter much less madara, naruto character are not known for physiques, naruto verse has one of the lowest Physique base universe in shounen, ninjas are no different than mages, they have strong AOe and wide spread destruction jutsus but their defence and bodies are glass this is why Gai who open the 8th gate could defeat Madara when infact gai feats can be done by alot of fighters from One piece., yes in fact bleach characters dont have wide spread AOe attacks but waht they do have is concentrated attacks like Swordsmanship, aizen slash could slice off a susanoo type bankai from Komamura without any leak in power but that same bankai from komamura could easily level a mountain, the same reason Gin bankai that could stretch for an entire city is still weaker than a slash from Yama or Aizen.

is hilarious how people think madara susanoo has more feats than yamas Obliterating from existence bankai slash, susanoo destroys yes but it does not remove anything from existence, yes susanoo range of attack is much wider but that is not due to power/feats but because of the swords length, the same reason toneri could slice the moon was not because he is all powerfull but because his jutsu was long ass hell, in essence the moon is just a huge rock no different than a mountain, all you need is a bigger sword.

Even kaguya and the new Villain from the manga would get stomped by Old man yama., this is a fact naruto verse body is just too weak.

for example Kakashi Kamui Raikiri which is above S class, is much stronger than a tail beast bomb but not even 1/10000000% in AOE range since its pure concentrated piercing move.

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How i see nartuo vs bleach right now.







Yourichi=Guy Sensei (All though Yourichi is faster and guy is stronger in final modes)

Anyways though, yeah Yamamoto wins. Lady tsuande punched through a susanoo, even though that one at the time was not anywhere as powerful as Madara's, i'm pretty sure a sword the heat of the sun should do it along with a kido mastery.

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I wished yamma killed the uchiha clan so he can raised them from the dead and attack madara lol. but honestly yamma burns him

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@uglysoulgod: That would be crazy. I honestly had no idea that yama could raise the dead until i saw that post up there^ Not sure how i missed it.

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I mean, can chakra be burned? Its not really a matter of power, its about logic.

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Madara would win

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Yamamoto mid diff under these rules.

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Genjutsu GG.

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Yeah if it's blade for blade...Yama wins. Susanoo' aint standing up to the sun. If it's an all-out fight, Madara's hax make this more even, but Yama wins anypure physical fight.

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@thebalance said:

How i see naruto vs bleach right now.







Charlotte=Guy Sensei

Ot: while in shikai Yama lifts his sword above his head and parries a strike from Madara with no effort while his sword is completely stationary. With a sweeping strike of Ryujin Jakka, he splits the Susanoo along with Madara's body in two then sheathes his sword.

Wrong, wrong,wrong everything about what you are saying is wrong here,you just continue to wank and spew nonsense on every vs. Thread with a Bleach character involved.

Or please just tell me you are trolling.

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Yama brings out his Bankai then literally Burns Madara and his Susanoo out of existence.

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Yamamoto in these conditions.

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If Madara is already in his Susanoo and their blades clash, then Madara wins. If Madara tried to clash with bankai Yamamoto with a real sword face to face he burns to ash before the blades cross.

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@alextheboss: so you mean susanoo can can resist yama's heat?

If their swords clash Madara and is susanoo are both gone.

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@universeichigo1: It would probably move so fast it would hit before it burned up. Similar to how you can quickly swipe your hand through fire without getting burned bad (don't try that though).

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@alextheboss: yama's shikai was hot enough to be felt by hollows 13km away the heat would definitely be felt and I don't think susanoo is that fast it would probably end like yama vs ayon.

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@alextheboss: yama's shikai was hot enough to be felt by hollows 13km away the heat would definitely be felt and I don't think susanoo is that fast it would probably end like yama vs ayon.

That's not true. The hollows were freaked out by the amount of reiatsu they sensed coming from all the Captains, not Yama's heat.

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Hmmmm.... hard question, any heat ressistance feats for the susano?

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Yamamoto wins.

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