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At one side, one of the smartest man (if nto the smartest) in the Earth against the smartest Locust in the Horde. Who will win this battle?

General RAAM

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General RAAM is the leader of the Locust Horde and also the smartest of the Locust. Promoted by the Queen itself to be her personal guard and the general of the Locust Horde after dozen of missions concluded and the domestication of the khryll, a space of underground flying piranha know by the Locust and Humans as the ultimate lethal species. RAAM stands 9ft tall.

Feats and Cons

RAAM showed to be the ultimate badass of the gears universe after Marcus Fenix. He's the only who can command the khrylls outside the Theron Elites who can request them for aid. RAAM can kill a human with a single blow and survive multiple high caliber shoots and also explosive ammo. He showed to be more than a match to the elites of the COG, passing the Onyx Guard with ease and surviving the Zeta Squad, unlike his guards. RAAM can command his khryll to atack any target including whole citys, killing everyone who stays out of light. If the light makes his khrylls unable to attack, he can command them to become a shield for him, thus making him immune to any know attacks and also making the Khryll able to attack at the day light. Even Marcus and Dom couldn't windstand the Khryll commands from RAAM, killing them with a single attack.

RAAM can only be defeated outside his khrill shields and with his personal elite guard wiped out. Even that, it takes more bullets to kill him than a berserker (super heavy unit of the Locust army).