gambit and cyclops vs deathstroke

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deathstroke only has a m16 and his two swords
gambit has his staff with 5 decks of cards
cyclops can not take off his visor 
fight happens in new york
fight can be won be death or KO
 they start 100 meters apart
who wins?

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slade should win here as long as he can close in on the distance of the fight, slade's combat skills are superior than cyke and remy, especially if the fight is in character cyke or remy won't be able to utilize their full potential due to the civilians and the surroundings, however if slade is not able to close the gap then it's only matter of time until he gets ko'd by cyke's optic blast, cyke can always use his optic blast in a intuitive way but if the streets are heavily populated with civilians cyke might not risk of injuring/killing the civilians and may hold back
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Slade should be able to win with minimal effort
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gambit and cyclops win

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@crabtree said:

"gambit and cyclops win"

Wrong, they get spanked worse than Elektra would on a hot date with Bill Jemas.
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@The Mjolnir Wielder said:
" Slade should be able to win with minimal effort "
Pretty much giving him two swords actually gave him an edge he can throw those suckers rather well
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Slade but he would have to be very careful of Cyclops.

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i say gambit and cyclops because if gambit can touch the gun and swords its over
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This is slade's fight...


Close's the distance & owns Cyc with ease, while gambit gives him slight effort before going down...