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starting distance 50 feet, IC to the death.

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Galan. But it would take a very long time.

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Galan wins, but it'd definitely be cool to see.

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Cracker. Multiple clones who can fight Gear 4 overwhelm Galan.

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Galan takes it. He's Multi-mountain +. I don't think Cracker has shown anything to put him on that level. Not to mention Galan's reaction speed in a fight.

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Galan wank ... cracker takes it mid diff at best

Infinite cracker biscuits>>>Critical over galan>>>>1 cracker biscuit>>G2& G3 Luffy >base galan

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Cracker beats him up after a good fight.

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Cracker mid diff.

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Cracker in a very good fight

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Cracker mid diff at best.

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Cracker low diffs.

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Galan wins.

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galand easily