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A battle of the elements, Sand vs Water let the battle begin


  • No prep time, No prior knowledge
  • Standard gear and equipment
  • Juvia is composite Anime and Manga, Fairy Tail (No Video games, none canon material)
  • Gaara is 19 years old, anime and manga (No feats that are above the age version used, No boruto ect)
  • Win by Death, KO, TKO, BFR or Incapitation
  • Morals on, everyone is in character
  • Starting distance is 25 ft apart from eachother

Location: New York, Environment is accessible

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Gaara has the edge in speed, power and defense. He wins here

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Gaara stomp and mismatch.

His chakra-sand showed to be able to perfectly work with massive water attacks (Water Dragon) infused with Lightning Release. Water is useless against Gaara's sand, at least Juvia's water power. Not to mention that 19 years Gaara has also the Gold Dust with him.

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@chronicplane: How about Gaara Hiden LN feats which was during the The Last

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Gaara vs Gengentsu is more than enough to say this is a mismatch.

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Gaara can solo the verse

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Basing on their feats this is a mismatch. Juvia can't bypass Gaara's chakra infused sand. . . and stats difference is impressive.


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Pre TS Gaara during Sound 4 Arc can horribly dominate every version of Juvia.

The Last Gaara? Spite and lock. She can't do anything against his attacks, speed, range, seals, intelligence and durability.