Frieza vs Current Buu

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  • In character
  • No prep
  • Win by any means except BFR
  • Buu has unlocked his latent potential
  • Manga versions for now


  • Begin visible
  • Begin 50 feet apart
  • Unpopulated
  • Fight takes place on an indestructible planet:
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Who wins and why?

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As long as Frieza doesn't get hit by a candy beam, his golden form should have enough power to wipe Buu away with a large energy blast.

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Buu should win without too much trouble. Frieza should run into the same problems Moro did.

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Giving this to Buu

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Golden frieza curbs. Buu is only not fodder this arc because he is immune to moro's magic.

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Buu has improved but Golden Frieza is likely stronger expecially in this arc too

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Golden Frieza would decimate. He completely nullified Sidra's hakai blast. He also may have done it to Toppo's as well if he wasn't drained of all his stamina.

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Buu wins if u think of what would happen in an episode of dragon ball

Buu has fought Moro after he absorbed Goku and vegeta’s Godly ki which I think most people forgot

Because of this it can only be said Moro is stronger then Goku and Vegeta currently, and don’t forget Moro isn’t even as strong as when he was in his prime

Buu who has the great lord of lords absorbed into himself was the person who defeated Moro in his prime

This means Majin Buu has absorbed someone who is vastly stronger then Goku and vegeta put together but it would be stupid to say that Buu has access to all his power

Buu was also able to hurt Moro, so we can also make the assumption (ASSUMPTION) he’s as strong as a laid back SSB vegeta as he fought Moro and he is massively stronger then Frieza

Buu could also win using his Hax

Buu can make multiple clones of himself that are small and absorb by clones swallowing Frieza

Buu can also make clones and fire multiple candy lasers at Frieza

Either way this saga is about Buu and the Lord of Lords, so you should expect a massive power up for Buu soon

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Would say frieza. He got beat up by Broly for a full hour and survived.

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Buu in the manga is overrated. The only real reason why he was able to contend with Moro was because of his body's immunity to magic. Without Moro's magic in the equation, even SSG Vegeta demonstrated superior showings of power superiority against Moro compared to Buu. Golden Frieza, in comparison, is on another league altogether, as he is able to contend with godly characters and even held his own against Jiren better than MSSB Goku did. This is a mismatch in Frieza's favour.

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