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Round 1:

  • All fighters unarmed and wearing street clothes
  • Everyone is bloodlusted
  • Billy and Frank have perfect teamwork
  • Fight to death

Round 2:

  • Billy is armed with a baton
  • Frank is armed with a knife
  • Oliver is armed with his bow for melee
  • In character
  • Fight to death or K.O

Who wins and why?

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Oliver both rounds but in a very hard fight, he is gonna take some damage from them

Frank can match his strength and toughness and Billy can match his toughness as well (tanked 3 gunshots to the torso without slowing down), but at the end of the day Oliver's skill is just too much. Oliver is also a little bit faster than them.

I don't think the rounds are going to be much different.

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Not commenting, just posting this since it's such a sick fight scene (WARNING: BLOOD)

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  1. Oliver in a very tough fight.
  2. Oliver.
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Oliver high difficulty

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Oliver literally beats their ass, No hate to those Marvel fans but Oliver is a tank and his skill set is crazy even more so when Billy and Frank don't have any guns and Oliver has his SIGNATURE weapon. Lol not even fair.

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Oliver solidly both rounds, particularly the second round.

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Arrow both rounds