Frank Castle and Billy Russo vs Deathstroke

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Round 1:

  • Unarmed combat
  • Billy and Frank are dressed in their tactical army gear
  • Deathstroke has his suit, but no helmet
  • Fight takes place in Frank and Micro's hideout

Round 2:

  • Standard gear and equipment
  • Frank is in his Punisher outfit, armed with a combat knife, a handgun and an SMG
  • Billy has a bulletproof vest, a handgun and a knife
  • Deathstroke has his full suit, a sword, a handgun and an SMG
  • Fight takes place here:
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Starting distance 30ft (out of sight)

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no mirakuru ? (i think thats how u spell it) team punisher takes it

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Round 1 will most likely go to Slade, neither Frank or Billy showed any impressive H2H feats.

Frank and Jigsaw take Round 2, but barely.

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Slade both rounds because of the suit.

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Slade honestly stomps

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Slade, that s6e5 showing was pretty incredible

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Haven't completed Punisher yet. From what I have seen, Frank poses no threat to Slade.

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Slade both rounds

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I'd assume Slade, but I haven't seen Punisher yet.

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Slade uses Franks head as a punching bag

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Slade is good but frank and russo are highly skilled and have extreme durability and pain tolerance. Slade without mirakuru isnt putting them down easily if at all.

Round 2 goes to team they have more guns just as good aim and are tactically cohesive and knife skills.

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Slade takes round one pretty easily I would think.

I'm going with the team for round two though. They worked together for years and should have what it takes to get past Slade's armor.

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If slade has no mirakuru he loses both rounds, Frank could arguably solo, really hard but he could pull some wins.

If slade has mirakuru he wins both rounds. The first one easily and the second one mid difficulty.

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Punisher and Jigsaw both rounds. Deathstroke could take either of them, but not both at once. They simply overwhelm him.

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Slade ftw. He could slash Russo and castle in half with one katana “stroke”

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Punisher and Jigsaw. 2 reasons 1 Both of the rounds are in Franks home turf 2 Frank and Billy used to be in the army together and were best friends so they would kick Slades ass in less than an hour. Therefore both rounds will go to frank and billy.

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I'd assume Slade, but I haven't seen Punisher yet.

You've seen it now. Your assumption was correct.

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Frank solos or Billy solos.

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  1. Team. Slade's better than either one individually, but they're skilled in their own right and physically comparable to him.
  2. Team, either one has the potential to solo (though I wouldn't bet on it).
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team in a very hard fight

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Team in a tough fight.

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