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Poll: Foxneto replaces Thanos on Titan (20 votes)

Foxneto crushes them all 60%
The team somehow win 40%
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Team might win, i say 7/10.

Dr strange can easily imprison him in mirro dimension as Magneto has no way to get back, strange would be mvp.

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The team was able to prepare for Thanos so I’d assume they’d be able to do so here too. If that’s the case I think Strange could solo him.

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Magneto single shots most of them... Iron Man, Strange, Drax, Spider-Man, Star-Lord... they all have metal on them of some sort... rofl...

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With prep, I can see them pulling it off with difficulty. It's different than fighting Thanos, but Magneto cannot take a serious hit from anyone like Thanos. Beast got behind an older and more experienced Magneto, so I don't see why Strange can't create a portal and have Spider-Man quickly jump through and one-shot when the opportunity presents itself. They didn't reveal everyone to Thanos, so they won't here. Even Magneto's force fields can't stop portals from working. Remember that Dr Strange will also know Magneto's power through seeing multiple futures.

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Erik has greater reaction time than Strange

He oneshots them all

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Magneto can sense metal, if he's out for the kill like in X-men Apocalypse (when his daughter dies) then I'd say he wins as most people have some sort of metal on them which he can sense from great distances away. Plus with his shield which am not sure if they can break through it. He'd kill most of them extremely quickly.

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Magneto stomps, they can't even get past his forcefields.

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The team wins.