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Poll: FOX Wolverine vs. IW Captain America/MCU Luke Cage (33 votes)

Logan 55%
MCU 45%

Thanksgiving fight



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Logan 6/10

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Logan 10/10. They aren’t putting him down.


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Team stomps.

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Team stomps.

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Team stomps.

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Team in a good fight. Logan is a tough customer.

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Team stomps. Logan is a fodder wrecker who gets fodderized and wrecked

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Logan will beat them 1 vs 1

He is as strong as Captain but much more durable and has adamantium claws and healing factor

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Team for the majority.

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Team and I'd back either to solo.

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Feel like Logan should have this. Aside from that one lowball feat in X2 when he was KO'd by a bullet in X2, I feel like Wolverine has got a very high damage soak and durability level. Yes, Captain America is faster, stronger, and more skilled; but I feel as if Cap's gonna get to a place where he has to get on top of Wolverine or pin him to a wall (similarly to what went down against Iron Man in the final fight of Civil War), and Wolverine's just going to pop his claws into his abdomen.

I haven't seen much of Luke Cage Season 2, but my opinion is that he's going to be something of a non-factor against Wolverine.

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Logan wins; they don’t have the damage output to stop him. They can definitely stall him. Lump him up a bit, but nothing fatal can be inflicted by these two.

Bone Claw or no healing factor, that’s a totally different story. But with adamantium and healing, Logan wins.

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Caps only slight shot to KO Logan would be with his shield to the noggin. With IW shields he goes down. Pretty sure Logan can pierce Cage who does have the power to possibly KO him.

Logan 9/10

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Going with logan because is fast enough to keep up with instant teleportator

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He'd beat them both individually, tho don't think he'd beat them together.

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Team with trouble logan is too durable

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Can Logan even hurt Luke?

Cap would get trashed, but Luke might win it for his team.

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team wins. logan is durable but between cap iw shield and Luke's strength it should be enough to put him down

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Team. Luke's skin wouldn't be penetrated.

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Logan could go for Lukes eyes. His hf is a bit too much.

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Logan, Luke is a non-factor in this fight.

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Logan. Without a doubt.

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@rbt: By Universe Logic, Wolverine can easily hurt Luke as he has Adamantium Claws.

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Loading Video...


Logan: Adamantium cuts Vibranium

T'challa: Dammit ! I failed fictional chemistry

I deceased of laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Prime Logan is a problem. He can’t be put down by this team, and doesn’t get tired IIRC. He can take the team.