FOX Storm vs. MCU Ebony Maw

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Poll: FOX Storm vs. MCU Ebony Maw (57 votes)

Ororo 47%
Testicle face 53%

Ororo has her morals off/all of her film feats

Starting distance 50 feet

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You know what happens when lightning strikes a member of the Black Order?

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I think tornados can handle him. Looking at his wiki he has macro level tk.

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The fight already happened.

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Poor maw. Storm quickly tornado/hurricane/blizzard strikes him.

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Maw kind of looks like a toad anyway.

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Either can win. Storm on paper has more options to win (unless the environment is filled with special materials Maw can use), but she jobs hard in the films sometimes and is a glass canon more than Maw.

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Both can win.

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Storm Stomps

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Maw wins.People are seriously underestimating him. He took down Dr.Strange. Even IW Ironman was no match for him. Storm is slow, Maw will kill her before she gets the chance to use her powers.

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Storm stomps.

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LMFAO at Storm "stomping".

Maw wins easily.

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Storm can blitz

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Storm got bllitzed by Callisto. Maw solos with a piece of shrapnel.

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Maw, Storm might send a bolt to his face in a few scenarios.

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Maw gets fried.

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Storm is kinda slow unless she's throwing lightning. Everything else she does seem to require a few seconds to build up

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Jk, Storm wins though.

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Maw easily bested Strange. Storm really doesn't stand any chance here.

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Storm got bllitzed by Callisto. Maw solos with a piece of shrapnel.

Storm also adjusted and predicted Callisto's movement, right before clotheslining her. Maw gets one shotted by lightning. He himself was already scraped up by a tiny piece of shrapnel and his durability isn't impressive at all. Storm has way more raw power, and enough skill and experience with application to one shot maw. Nothing says he can survive even the smallest bolt.

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I doubt maw has any counter to lightning. Otherwise maw stomps

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It all depends on who strikes first and I think Maw has the advantage in that regard, the environment plays a key factor as well.

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Getting blitzed by Callisto isn’t an anti-feat for storm but a feat for Callisto

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Storm ftw

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What is up with this sudden Storm shitstorm? No pun intended.

She had decent destructive capacity but that’s about it. She’s not beating someone who pretty much toyed with Strange and was literally ignoring Spider Man’s efforts to capture him lol.

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Love storm but Maw. He would win, she has no counter for telekinesis.

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@blacharrt: Lightning, Tornadoes, Gusts of Wind

She can use intangible elements to hit him, she's squishy too but I mean Maw hasn't really deflected lightning.

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Could go either way and outcomes would likely be heavily dependant on the environment they battled in.

Storm's big attacks do seem to take time to build up so Maw could get the initiative- her best hope is a lightening bolt, if she created a tornado Maw will absolutely shred her with the debris.

I'd give a slight majority to Maw.

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Bye bye Storm.

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Storm one shots Maw.