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All Avangers are now one person with evryone abilities, No Time Gem Strange is now an Avanger congratulations, Battle On Titan, Morals OFF, No BFR

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Quicksilver speed with Hawkeye reaction and accuracy could oneshot ss with stormbreaker.

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SS. Avengers are far away of his league.

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Tbh I still don’t get hype behind SS. His best attack was charged up, meaning Stormbreaker kills his ass if he tries that.

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A “Strange/Thor” combo is enough

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Silver surfer is overrated.

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How is this not a spite? Silver Surfer is almost featless and his one impressive feat of killing Galactus can't even be quantified.

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Anyone want to debate this

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Thor can solo this.

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Debate how a magic user clad in vibranium (I imagine a cross between BP and IM suits) wielding stormbreaker and caps shield + shrink tech and all physical feats from each avenger???

SS win? Not even if we gave him the uber Johnny and Doom from F4:RoSS would he take this match

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Surfer still. He's in another league

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Surfer doesn't have enough feats but he should do fine

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Only Thor with SB can fight with it..

Others are non factors...