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  • Win by death or KO
  • Both in character but determined to win

ROUND 1 - FC/DOFP Magneto

ROUND 2 - Apocalypse Magneto

  • Location
  • Starting distance 150 meters / 492 feet
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Magneto pretty handily

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Magento. Spite.

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She’s in a metal suit...

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Magneto stomps.

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Going against the grain and saying Faora. Magneto has a substantial raw power advantage but lacks speed and durability. IMO if she hits him even once I don't think he could collect himself and counterattack. Mystique was able to beat him shooting him through the neck and closing in for H2H.

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Anyone else who would argue in favor of Faora?

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Faora hits him once and then what?

Who can argue that hes not getting touched at all by some one of this speed?


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Well this fight ended before it started in favor of magneto.

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Being in a metal suit doesn’t change much. She has the durability to survive being crushed. If she doesn’t speedblitz him from the start, she’ll strip naked and tear him apart.