FOX Fantastic Four vs MCU Thanos

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#51 Posted by Zuriel-el (3610 posts) - - Show Bio

unless Johnny goes supernova, Thanos stomps.

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They can't stop the Mad Titan

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Johnny was flying around chasing Silver Surfer once and pretty much crossed NJ to DC within seconds.

Reed, Sue and Ben are all somewhat comparable to him in the grand scheme of things. Not in speed and destructive capacity though.

But he alone can blitz Thanos into oblivion. Thanos would probably straight up get wrecked if they do the combine power thing.

Not sure what the 2015(?) version accomplished. Could not get myself to try watching another one of those.

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I say IW puts a shield in his body and expands it killing him eternally.

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2015 Human Touch did this to like 6 of these large stones, that combined with 2005 Human Torch's heat may allow Jonny to solo.

If Human Torch cant solo then him and Invisible Woman Duo. Thanos has a hard time with TK, and IW has a statement where she says she can expand a bubble in Dooms brain.

Team Fox 10/10