Forerunner vs Manchester Black and Cyborg Superman

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Cyborg Superman is a technopath. Since he reformed a body from Superman's birthing matrix, he also possesses the physical powers of a Kryptonian. In this battle he has a Qwardian power ring and a GL power ring. 
Manchester Black is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic. He was able to give Superman the equivalent of a stroke by pinching the blood vessels in his brain, and controlled thousands of villains to attack Superman's friends and family.  
Forerunner was genetically bred to be a powerful warrior on Earth-48. She is durable enough that a Donna Troy from an alternate universe hurt her hand punching Forerunner. Forerunner can turn invisible for short periods of time, has massive superhuman strength and speed and possesses telepathy. 
I don't know if adding Manchester Black is overkill, but since Forerunner has telepathy I felt that it would become too lopsided if she faced Cyborg Superman alone.