Flash Vs Superman

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Wally lolstomps.

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It’s always going to be Wally guys, get over it

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@biswaboxz: You seem to like The Flash.

OT: Wally West stomps.

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@biswaboxz: fist fight, Superman stomps. Speed race, flash wins....

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@mister_surreal: Oh nothing like that as of now. I just think him as an OP. Although I wouldn't deny that he is quite good on New 52.

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I've commented on this every time I see it on the first page.

  • Wally once had to defuse several bombs across America. He did so in a second; one of the bombs was in front of Superman and he didn't see Wally move the bomb when he was defusing them.
  • The first time Wally fought Zoom they ran through Metropolis; Superman was frozen still because of how fast they were moving.
  • Wally mentioned if he stole Superman's speed while Superman was flying it'd be a trail of destruction from Keystone City to Moscow Russia.
  • Wally has the strength to KO White Martians who have a comparable durability to Superman.

Wally wins this 100/10.

Here's the RT to cite all my sources:

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Flash, continues to have one of the most lazily written power sets ever.

Current Barry was shown being a time manipulator, capable of manipulating the speed force and then never ever utilizes these abilities which have entire comic arcs building up to these reveals. Yet we haven't seen them utilized in months. Wally has an insane litany of feats like making all of the pc heroes combined power look like nothing, btu then neglects to use these abilities in the vast majority of his comic issues.

Writers should stop writing for power sets and just focus on the characters. You shouldn't need a ridiculous mind blowing feat to tell a great story.

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Flash stomps again

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If anyone is interested in actually having a relevant debate please let me know.

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Wally has been shown to be much much faster than Superman. Now in strength Superman is unmatched with regards to Wally West. However as seen in the thread posted earlier, Wally disarmed multiple bombs in under a second, it is also to be noted that Wally beats an alien space race that he challenges to a race, super speed vs instant teleportation. Wally wins. Onto the Justice League Unlimited, if you have watched it you will vividly remember the episode in which the original seven comes toe to toe with Braniac/Lex Luthor. The battle was going no where until Wally decided that enough was enough and did what the league's heavy hitters weren't strong enough to do, defeated him/them. Finally I must mention in Justice League Unlimited episode 8 when Wally and Luthor switch minds Green Lantern says "We can't let Luthor get away with Flash's body he will be unstoppable." Bare in mind Superman would be able to attempt to stop Luthor/ Flash but as GL said he would be unstoppable proving that Wally West would be superior should Superman and Wally ever battle but because Superman is the fan favourite the writers would not allow this. Case Closed.

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@kbroskywalker2: I have to say you old posts about Darth Maul triggered the hell out of me. Off topic, but it had to be said.

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Wally still wins. Flash is 100x faster than supes. Walt ahould be 50x faster than supes. At a point Wally was actually faster than his dad🤥.

If it’s a regular battle then Superman wins. If it’s bloodlust, Wally grabs his brains out! (Wally kills soups).

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isnt the flash only a bit faster than superman. like not really significantly or anything. superman shouldnt have any trouble

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Wally still humiliates.

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Wally absolutely demolishes him.

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Wally still stomps

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Wally stomps

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Flash stomps hard.

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This thread is dead all but I wanna Express me opinion I think flash wins in a good fight not saying superman doesnt have a chance but I've thought of some scenarios like if flash puts his hand through superman's chest and blows it up or grabs his heart or he throws some lightning at superman which has inflicted heavy damage to him in the past or of course like everyone said speed steal then he IMP superman I also had one question if flash is always punching super fast doesnt that mean every punch is almost like an IMP?

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Wally without too much trouble.

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Even if Superman against a In Character Barry Allen would be stomped.

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This thread does live for life time but DC said Flash is the fastest