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  • Random encounter
  • In character
  • Win by any means
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@animefights: Urahara doesn't really get any stronger over the course of the series. He just only gets serious when fighting top-tiers.

Urahara stomps non-DMS Kakashi.

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Without DMS, Kisuke wins

With DMS, Kakashi smacks

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Urahara curbs.

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Kisuke stomps

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Kisuke destroys Kakashi in a mismatch without Dms

With Dms the opposite occurs

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Kakashi absolutely murks, better in every way possible besides prep. Their tactical skill in battle is one in the same but Sharingan negates anything he could do.

What is this?

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Kisuke stomps if he doesn’t have DMS.

Kisuke stomps if he does have DMS.

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As others have said Kisuke stomps as long as Kakashi doesn't have DMS.