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Morals Off

Random Encounter

Location - City

Standard Weapons and Gear can be used.

All Out Fight to the Death.

Captain America has Mjolinir and his Shield.

Black Widow has 5 Black Hole Grenades.

Thanos has his Sword and Armor.

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Have you watched the movie? This questions is answered in it. If they get the gauntlet to snap him out, they can win. If not they lose. The movie makes this pretty clear and it doesn't leave much room to argue it otherwise.

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Team, probably.

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The numbers are high for team even if two are only mild annoyances so I'm inclined to say avengers, but at the same time I think Thanos finds a way to beat the snot out of them all. Doesn't take much to dispatch at least 3 of them. Team because of Hulk difference.

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@lexj7 said:

@daisy_johnson: No gauntlet in this fight.

Then the same thing that happens in the movie still applies. Thanos spanks them.

The only thing that is in the Avengers favor here is the Black Hole grenade which we don't even know if it'll effect Thanos and they need to get really lucky to plant on him. If anything I would suggest using the more proven and terrifying Nitramene gernades? Those things are ridiculous and can be used as bullets as seen below.

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Morals off just means Thanos ain't playing is he's going to go for the kill shot. I don't see it playing out any differently other than being bloodier.

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So Thanos vs Hulk Thor Cap and Iron Man? Thanos in a tough fight

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Thanos stomps lmfao. This Avengers team doesn't get the durability, speed, or strength feats they get in future MCU movies.

Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor all get one shot. Only one who doesn't is obviously Hulk but he gets dropped in 2 or 3 hits at the minimum.

Anybody who thinks otherwise is a 🤡

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Black widow freaking solos under these conditions while cap or Thor use the hammer to distract him. This is ridiculous giving them BH grenades

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If Thor has Stormbreaker and is in his prime here, he may solo and clearly solos if anyone provides enough distraction.

Cap, Iron Man and Hulk can all keep Thanos occupied for a while and together they beat him.

Adding BH grenades makes it even more of a stomp.

IMO Thanos vs original Avengers as seen in Avengers 1 (Mjolnir Thor, casual Cap), would be a closer match-up.

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IW Thor, Mjolnir Cap, black hole granades, Team all at once

First Avengers does it easier than the Endgame scenario

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Thor and Hulk are the only ones that don't get one shotted.

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Team. Too much is stacked against thanos here.

Captain america with mjolnir was giving him trouble, add in Thor in his prime and they can win in some scenarios. Iron man and the rest make this an easy fight

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Widow obviously solos with Black Hole grenades

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Thanos obviously.

He already stomped Cap, Thor and Iron Man. None of them couldn't even make him bleed in EG.

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Black Widow Solos