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Dark can prep for a week on Apocalypse. Darkseid will let her go back to Earth if she can defeat or BFR them. She is allowed to use Apocalyptian weapons as well. She has acrobat skills from ballet training.


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Limited Telekinesis: By putting up the palm of her hand, the object in front of her comes under her control. The object will move with her hand as long as she keeps her palm open (like Iron Man does when he blasts stuff). She can also push and draw stuff to her. But she only has two hands. Which means she can only do two things at once.

Air Jumping: She can jump at least 3 stories high. She can also stop midair and jump off the air like it's the ground, even tilting her body in the direction she wants to jump head first. That allows her to speed blitz stuff, and sort of...fly.

Intangibility: It only works with metals. So bullets will go right through her without harm.

Regeneration: She can heal from wounds much like Wolverine does. That's it.

Battle Location below: Battle starts 100 yards apart.

Can she clear this?

Day One: Lashina

Day Two: Mad Harriet

Day Three: Stompa

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is dark your char? anyway based on powers mainly intangibility dark stomps. also wolverine healing and a no limit tk lift ability.....god mode.

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@@zr0c00! Thanks. So far everyone is saying Batman could beat her with his insider suit. She still has to aim her hand in the direction of the thing she wants to influence though.

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The furies could potentially win if they can get a hold of her. The intangibility only works on metals. Not their fists.

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