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Poll: Fat Thor vs Muscular Superman (34 votes)

Thor stomps 41%
Superman sent him to Valhala 53%
Stalemate 6%

Fight take place in Metropolis

H2h only

No morals

To the death

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Probably post made by guy who hate Goodafternoon, Openthedoor, Waxseruya, Minlerdemon who creates stupid dceu hating gifs

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Lol this is some low hanging bait

Thor one shots with his belly, mismatch

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Thor suffocates Superman.

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thor will eat his baguette its not even funny

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Voted for Thor cause I want that beard so bad

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Yes it's bait & I don't care who would win, but I would barrack for Thor over Superman simply because of the disastrously poor writing & OP nature DC have made Superman out to be in the comics over the years. In saying that, Supes is still one of my fav characters of all time.

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Thor sits on SM

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I don't know if Superman can carry an object that heavy.

That was sarcasm, so don't tag me a million times in response.

Thanks for reading,


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I think calling him "fat Thor" is kind of a spoiler. Should be Endgame Thor.