Fantastic 4 vs Seven Deadly Sins

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#51 Posted by HitTheAssasin (8627 posts) - - Show Bio

@hiddenstorm: I disagree, but also digress. I don't know or care enough about the Fantastic Four to debate this further.

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#52 Edited by Hiddenstorm (240 posts) - - Show Bio

@hittheassasin: Yeah you're right there's no point in debating since you clearly don't know the FF nor do I the SDS

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#53 Posted by katiemorosky (10 posts) - - Show Bio

@jko1: those are hardly outliars. Her shields have consistently tanked planet busting attacks, they're made of the same energy wich the celestials control, which could explain their durability. The only limitation to her powers is her willpower, the shields themselves are unbreakable, period. She has blocked Johnny supernovas twice (supernovas can destroy a planet) and she has with her shields, survived the incursion that destroyed the 616 and ultimate universes. So no, the fears are not outliars just because you want them to be.

I don't know anything about the 7 deadly sins though, so I don't really know who would win.

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#54 Posted by kasya_carey (5910 posts) - - Show Bio

@katiemorosky: those feats are outlier... she does not consistently operate at that level of power. Everyone mentioned is literally out of pay grade in power.