Fairy Tail vs Naruto

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Round 1: Both sides start 50 feet apart and everyone can only use base forms.

Naruto. Even in his base form he already have potent chakra due to him being an uzumaki and a Jinchuruki.

Round 2: Both sides start 50 feet apart and only fairy tail members can use ultimate forms.

Naruto. Even in his base form he could still use his rasenshuriken and Kage bunshin.

Round 3: Both sides start 50 feet apart and Naruto can use his strongest forms as well.

Naruto. If he could beat them in his base form then more so in his strongest.

Bonus: Morals off anything goes start 50 feet apart

Naruto. Morals off the battle will already end in his favor.

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Bueno,crear 10 clones y todo lanza un rasen shuriken y creo que se acabo

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Naruto murderstomps all rounds.

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What Erza brings to the table is the ability to cut the meteors, her eye will not have her be fulled by illusions and her eye breaks any mind trick if used on her. She can still fight even if all of her senses are removed/all but broke bones except an arm for her to launch herself towards her foe. Plus Erza mostly engages the clones for she is the only one who has the true sight to see past them all. Though Natsu could smell the real Naruto out. Erza also knows grand chariot will shall help with doing major damage or just stagger naruto for a time.

Gray brings the freezing point to naruto which correct me if I am wrong but has Naruto been shown to get out of ice that can insta freeze you, and still fight in a blizzard of a storm? Not talking about normal ice but Ice that can reach even further than Absolute Zero? His molding magic shall help in dealing with the clones too, and he is not strange to use material objects other than ice to win fights so using what is around even a rock can be used as a weapon to pierce naruto.

Lucy is support on this one for should Natsu need fire she can create it with her Gemini who can take on forms and produce the same magical properties. Her Meteor 88 stars will cause some damage, but her star dress forms can in ways help out in some tight spots if they need cover or to again take away the clones for Sagittariuses can fight well trained sniper rounds at quick timing. Furthermore potentially she could summon the spirit king though this would mean she will have to break her key to do it but she doesn't really like doing this for it means she will lose her spirit and will take some time for the key to come back into the mortal world.

Lastly Natsu is the power house for this. He is both the Tank and damage and only one who can negate heat base attacks to some extents towards his party. We know this for August used a pure heat/beam attack on Natsu but he negated it to some extents. His current version means he is able to overtime destroy anyone's defenses for his magic is meant to break apart even the strongest of defenses in order to penetrate a dragons scales/body. his AoE attacks will keep Naruto on his toes, and good shots in can further tax Naruto's healing powers for naruto in his ultimate form isn't perfect for if overwhelmed he can still lose parts of himself.

His keen eyesight, hearing, and smell are region + size accuracy for he found Erza's scent despite being kilometers apart in the Tartarous prelude arc, he could pin point robbers from outside of a town without even looking during the Avatar arc, and could hear Cobra who was outside of the city up in the high air during the grand magic games arc.
Showing how he could at least use his senses to have a better chance at fighting a more speedster Naruto.

A good plus to team Natsu is they have the team experiences, can use Unison raids to aid them, Flame Emperis armor can always recharge Natsu, Lucy's clock can randomly appear one time to save them all or someone (though they lose their cloths),

Only question I have for the OP is does Natsu have his Dragon Ignia Force King Mode? since this is current versions does it include their most powerful for if that is the case then the team could win even more than before, but if not the Team does have a decent shot still but will not be easy with naruto's hax/speed.

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round 1: fairy tail

round 2: fairy tail

round 3: i am not sure

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Nardo shitstomps.

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Naruto farts, they die

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Naruto stomps!

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Did someone Gray can freeze Naruto? Even Kaguya’s ice couldn’t freeze him, and her ice can freeze a dimension. It’s just like another idiot who said Aokiji can freeze Naruto.

Rikudo Naruto solostomps Fairy Tail and One Piece verses.

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Naruto stomps all rounds.

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Naruto solos FT characters by accidentally.

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Base Naruto wins easily, full power Naruto probably solos the verse.

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base naruto beats them in all rounds.

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Naruto solos with a Six Paths-enhanced fart.

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Naruto caves in their heads all rounds.