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VS ((The Set-UP))

((From DC database:Caitlin's powers are the equivalent limit of Supergirl's

The heroes of DC Universe are apparing in Earth-50, here Kara is afraid. Metropolis, the Titan Tower there aren't, he thinks that is alone.

She reads bad things of the metahuman of this Earth, they don't respect the govern, often kils the villains...

Gen 13 find Kara, Mr Majestic ordered to find the other people came by the other world, but Kara wan't going with them.

Caitlin tries to speak with Kara but she strikes her with a punch.

After that Kara fighted with Grunge, FreeFall, Burnout and Rainmaker, Kate is reburn.

Fairchild: Now it's my turn.

It's between Supergirl and Fairchild.))

((Who wins?))

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Supergirl. The only thing backing Fairchild is her superhuman strength, fighting skills, and durability. Supergirl outclasses her in all of those, and has a bunch of other superpowers that may give Fairchild some problems. Supergirl could easily blitz her, since Fairchild can't react to her speed factor. But, I don't think Supergirl would really need it here. In any case, Supergirl wins...

I could be wrong about Supergirl outclassing Fairchild in physical strength, though... DC database and the Vine say they are equal, though (but they may not be legit). You got anything to show for Fairchild that puts her on the same level?

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fairchild, Superhuman Strength, She has confronted and been able to hold her own against some of the strongest heroes and villains in the Wildstorm universe, Caitlin's limit for super strength is the same as Supergirl's

Superhuman Durability Caitlin's limit for super durability is the same as Supergirl's

Enhanced Stamina Caitlin's limit for stamina is the same as Supergirl's

Enhanced Agility

Superhuman Reflexes' Her gen-factor also eventually expressed superhuman reflexes—above the human maximum, but not extremely so.

Caitlin absorbed the shapeshifting powers of another "genie" (that reality's nickname for those with gen-factor powers). She gained the ability to melt into a purple liquid and reform in various shapes. After expressing these powers, Caitlin's hair and lips turned purple. It is unknown whether she retained these new powers.

She also has a high Intellect majoring in both computer science & electrical engineering and capable leadership skills, /but if you ask me-- Kara Zor-El has my vote. As much as I like Caitlin Fairchild, all Kara has to do is either speedblitz or keep her at bay with ice breath.

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been done

Supergirl takes it