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Poll: Exodus vs Psylocke & Stepford Cuckoos (12 votes)

Exodus 50%
Psylocke & Cuckoos 50%

TP only. No psi-leeching, no psi-knife in the real/physical world.

everyone is bloodlusted

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Tbh I think Emma would be able to solo the duo, so I also think Exodus can do the same because their around the same level

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Exodus stomps

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Psylocke would put up a great fight alone adding the crazy three makes it a stomp LoL

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Exodus barely

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Exodus by a fairly large margin...

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psylocke is powerful enough to at least give exodus a battle on her own but wit the cuckoo sisters they can win more times then they lose.

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Exodus handily he's far odler and more powerful, no easy but not too hard Either

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Huh, did Exodus get a big bump? TP only this feels lop sided towards the team.

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Team in a close one.

The Cuckoos have blocked Xavier before, which gives me the impression they could hold Exodus off while Psylocke does the real damage.

Agree @koays?

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@pyrofn: I......am not sure. With apologies to Psylocke, he hangs out in a higher calibre of psychics. I can see the team pulling it together and using numbers to bring him down. But the guy is trailing Emma in skill and is somewhere between Emma and Rachel in power. Plus he's not afraid to let out ridiculous TP energy in a fight which would definetly break coordination on this team since the Cuckoos need to at least slow him down and Psylocke's best offense isn't a straight forward attack.

They could take this, but it would be an upset since it's alot of raw power and even if they attacked together to overwhelm him he'd still have his skill edge fall back on comfortably.

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@koays: Lucky for the Cuckoos, their training has given them feats against telepaths hirer than them, such as Emma and Xavier. Right?

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@pyrofn: Yes absolutely. The only thing is we're putting it into practice against someone one feat shi of the highest tier short of god tier who is more skilled then anyone in this battle. I can go 50/50 at best based on Psylocke taking him on in the astral plane and the Cuckoos late game high ending. But even if he's directly overpowered, he's got feats of controlling the astral plane that the psylocke and the cuckoos just don't have. That could with his strength and skill mean.... he could separate them and take advantage,

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@marvelfan1992: im drunk....i refuse to even acknowledge a typo. Im your god! (goes back and edits post to best of ability)

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@pyrofn Lol....then again.

New X-Men Era Mindee projects illusions into Exodus' mind

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Smh Koays is tagging himself again.

Also, wow Exodus, that's embarrassing. Not even one of the cool Cuckoos, freaking mindee

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