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In the past I believe I've underestimated Sedriss QL, but I think Asajj takes this. It may be a tough fight though.

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Ventress in a solid fight.

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Bumping this because it's a fascinating fight.

Though Sedriss should by all accounts win.

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Ehh. Im guilty of slightly lowballing Sedriss. I don't exactly have the highest opinion of her but Ventress should still win regardless

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Sedriss stomps. Anyone comparable to Vader is out of Ventress' league.

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Ventress. She's more skilled and more powerful. Sedriss despite receiving extensive training under Palpatine himself was only regarded as a useful errand boy, hardly the stuff of a Sith apprentice. We all know Ventress could have been a Sith if Dooku hadn't held back due to RoT restrictions, and Palpatine literally ordered her death because of her potential.