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Round 1: Eva Unit 01 vs San Francisco Kaiju

Round 2: Eva Unit 01 vs Hong Kaiju (Acid and EMP)

Round 3: Eva Unit 01 vs Pacific Ocean Kaiju (all three of them)

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Eva Unit 01 vs Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka

Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka vs Sachiel


Win by Death, KO, or Incapacitation.

Standard Equipment for all characters.

Composite feats for the Eva Unit 01 and Angel.

Basic information on each other.

Eva Unit 01 is attached to an umbilical cord and will not run out of energy. However, the cord can be destroyed during combat.

Battle takes place here:

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I don't think most people here know much about Evangelion.

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Hey I do. Rounds 1-2 Eva stomps 1st kaiju, wins slightly with 2nd. The evas have tremendous physical strength even though they appear skinny and weak compared to the jaegars and kaijus. If Shinji uses his AT field (force field) as a weapon he can literally turn the kaijus into giblets. If he doesnt and decides to use his fists or knife, he still wins. In one episode unit 1 stopped an angel that was hundreds of times its size from falling from orbit with the evas bare hands. Imagine that strength put into a punch or a knife slash. The acid wouldnt do much at all. The eva is way too fast and can dodge easily. If it does get hit the armor will hold out. An EMP would stun the eva but shut it down i dont think. Its an organic body like the kaiju but its nuclear powered. This is if Shinji (the pilot) doesnt baby out and cry like he always does.

Round 3 50/50. The eva is completely capable of fighting in underwater enviornments, but Shinji never fought there. He would be terrified. Plus having three monsters to fight would be very difficult unless the AT field is 100% active in defense. It all comes down to if the kaijus hit Shinji with the At field down in the right place. The giant kaiju would have the best chance of dealing a fatal blow. If they severly hurt the eva, but not kill it right away, it'll go berserk and wipe them out without shinji's help.

Round 4 Eva may beat Gipsy, may have trouble with striker. An eva is absurdly fast for its size, but Shinji would be fighting at a fraction of its top speed. The eva would dodge all of gipsy's punches and lay into him. A knife lunge could easily pierce the jaegers armor or face. Gipsy would hold up for a pretty long time though, even land a few punches. Considering the power behind Gipsy's fists, and the skill of the pilots, they could easily rock shinji or break bones. The martial art skills of the raliegh and mako will give them an edge. The eva's armor I believe has no impact dampening. With gipsy down Striker with prove a much more difficult challenge. It would match shinji's speed exactly. Shinji would have to use his AT field because he would have no chance in a brawl with striker.

Round 5 Sachiel commits suicide and blows himself up, but thats unlikely. Sachiel would get his ass whoooped. Even though he can hyper extend his muscles and has pilebunkers in his arms, he has no chance of taking down two of the best jeagers. When hes almost dead he would blow himself up. Both mechs would be wiped out. I can imagine gipsy impaling him with the sword. Considering the core is that giant red orb, both pilots would think its the weak point. Hell, i would.

Heres some technical stuff.

Eva unit one ranges from 40 to 140 meters in height due to anime purposes. Lets say its 80(260 feet)meters tall. I believe its around 60 tons in weight. Its mostly muscle. If severly damaged the eva will take over and use 100 percent of its ablilties with almost animal like attacks. If the power cord is destroyed, it still has its n2 reactor. Gipsy is 260 feet tall and weighs around 1950 tons. Striker is 250 feet and weighs a bit less at 1850 tons. The leatherback kaiju(pictured) is 2900 tons and 267 feet tall. One underwater kaiju, bladehead, is 441 feet tall and weighs more than 3300 tons.The other, raiju, is 358 feet tall and 3475 tons. The giant one, Slattern, is about 600 feet tall, and weighs about 7000 tons.

The eva has killed MUCH bigger before. Here are mah links.



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Eva 01 has defeated angels that are far more powerful than Kaiju. It's also faster and more agile than any Jaeger.

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